Former British Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn praises AMLO’s social policies

Mexico City – Member of the British Parliament and Former Labor Leader Jeremy Corbyn, visited the National Palace and participated as guest of honor in a morning conference to commend the social policies of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for intervening in areas of the country that suffer from poverty and inequality.

The president said he identified with Corbyn because he is an advocate for fair causes and an advocate for workers in the UK, in addition, he mentioned that he wanted to get him to participate in the morning conference so he could verify the “informative information”. parliament” that’s the daily media conference.

On the occasion, Corbyn, who was accompanied by his wife, Laura Alvarez, a human rights expert, described the morning conference as an unprecedented exercise and said that Mexico faces challenges related to poverty and inequality.

“Mexico faces many problems of inequality in the level of welfare and poverty of many people, but the government’s intervention is for development and improvement in various places, improving education and health”

Jeremy Corbyn

Corbyn highlighted the president’s social policy of dedicating resources to education and health because it is the best way to meet the country’s challenges in the short and long term. “Ending inequality is one of the things that interests me most about the administration of President López Obrador.”

In addition, the president said that his government is willing to offers political asylum to journalist Julian Assange and he judged that the US government should act with humanism towards the ailing activist and allow him to receive asylum in the country he chooses to live in.

The president revealed that before the end of the Trump administration, he sent him a letter asking for his release in line with the US government’s policy that at the end of the administration power may be exercised.

“I don’t have an answer, but I support Mexico’s commitment to comply and offer asylum, and ask the United States government for a humanitarian gesture.”


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