Former UK Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak, favorite in battle for Boris Johnson’s succession

List of official candidates for leadership conservative party from great Britain it closed this afternoon. Out of a total of 10 applicants, eight received a minimum of 20 votes from their peers which they needed for nomination: Rishi Sunak, Penny Mordaunt, Liz Truss, Jeremy Hunt, Tom Tugendhat, Suella Braverman, Kemi Badenoch, and Nadhim Zahawi. The chairman of the 1922 committee, Graham Brady, did not want to reveal the number of ballots each had received. Out are Sajid Javid and Rehman Chishti. Both resigned because they did not have enough support.

Wednesday will be the first vote to free those who resigned Boris Johnson and those who do not get 30 votes will be eliminated. On Thursday and next Monday there will also be an elimination vote. After the last of them only two rivals remained, who would compete in the second phase. The game may be between Sunak, Mordaunt and Truss.

stomach to hold

Heal divisions within the Conservative Party, close wounds, restore credibility. The conciliatory tone, the kind words of Sunak, the former finance minister, the current big favorite, cannot disguise the fierce battle that is being waged between the suitors for Johnson’s succession. Those still loyal to the fallen leader swear by Sunak, whom they call a “traitor” and try to join forces to cut him off. It doesn’t mean much that at the official launch of his campaign he lauds a “kind heart & rdquor; Johnson, and stated that he would not participate in any operation to undermine his reputation. The desire for revenge can give you unpleasant surprises. “Comrades are trying to destroy his performance as finance minister, a journalist reminded him. “Do you have the stomach to endure the upcoming fight?” he asked. When this is over we should regroup &, that was the response. What’s to come is low blow each other to leave the enemy in the gutter. There was also strong disagreement between Truss and Mordaunt for a place in the finals.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has opted out of the competition and announced his support for Sunak, as have Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Dominic Raab and former Health Secretary Matt Hancock. Also present at the nomination presentation was the former head of parliamentary group discipline, Gavin Williamson, who, together with Shapps, organized the campaign for Johnson’s leadership with great success. Now they thought they had found another winning horse. Sunak categorically denies that a former adviser to the prime minister, Dominic Cummingshave “nothing to do” in your campaign.


Presenting himself as the candidate most prepared for the current crisis, he calls for economic realism. “Honesty and responsibility, not fairy tales & rdquor;, strictly refers to rivals who promise to take down tax. “There is no credibility in proposing more spending and lower taxes at the same time.” He also wanted that reduction, he explained, but that would only be possible when— inflation, which exceeds 9% and continues to increase, is under control. “That’s the truth, even though it’s politically uncomfortable for me.” The plan includes an increase in corporate tax from 19% to 25% next April, something that has greatly alienated many deputies’Tories‘. In effect, other candidates are promising tax cuts soon, though they haven’t explained how they will do it.

Truss and Mordant

Johnson’s ally in the current Cabinet, the dynamic duo that made up Jacob Rees Moggresponsible for opportunities brexit, and the Minister of Culture, Nadine Dorries, backing Truss, the Secretary of State, a supporter of Brexit and the hard right. The final duel could be between Truss and Sunak. Or perhaps with Mordaunt, the minister of commerce and a favorite among party members and activists. He has the backing of former Brexit minister David Davis. According to a poll published on Tuesday by pollster Opinium, Sunak will currently win over one of them. He will do so with a four-point lead over Truss and a seven-point lead over Mordaunt. However, there is 20% undecided which implies that the outcome is unpredictable.

The only candidate free from involvement in the politics, scandals and chaos of the Johnson administration is Tom Tudendhat. The ex-military declared his candidacy a “clean fresh start” and denies that his lack of service experience is an obstacle. His good intentions will probably stay there.

Johnson vetoes Labor no-confidence vote

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It labor They accused Boris Johnson of “blatant abuse of power, after the prime minister blocked” disbelieving voice against his government. The main opposition party has submitted a motion that is meant to be debated and put to a vote this Wednesday. Johnson has prevented this by skipping a parliamentary convention according to which the ruling government always approves requests of this type made by opposition leaders. “This is unprecedented,” said a Labor Party spokesman. “Once again the ‘Tories’ are changing the rules to protect their comrades in question”.

The motion, if successful, which is highly unlikely as it would require a Conservative vote to do so, would force Johnson to leave immediately and several meetings to be held. general election. “I think it’s very important to take every possible step to make him leave. He is not eligible to continue in office & rdquor ;, the head of Labor has declared Keir Starmer. “He has to leave because his own party has come to the conclusion that he cannot be trusted.”

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