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Playground Games brought us another delivery with Forza Horizon 5. While this fifth installment located in MexicoThe former have been in Colorado (USA), Southeastern Europe (France and Italy), Australia and the UK, respectively. This installment is the twelfth in the Forza series, and has attracted more than 10 million players in just a week after its release. This incredible number is not far behind 4.5 million players on launch day.

This large number is due to its live release for Xbox One, Xbox Series, Windows PC, and Xbox Game Pass. To reach that number, Forza Horizon 3 had to wait 2 years, and the fourth installment took 9 months. This advancement in accessibility gives us the opportunity to enjoy it in a different system, increasing the number of real players.

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Changes compared to previous deliveries

After public complaints about small organization that Forza Horizon 4 has, this new installment is much clearer. Menus are more intuitive and although the map is once again full of icons, thanks to filters everything becomes easier for us. We can see our progress and the most interesting prizes, but it’s true that at first we were still overwhelmed with so much information at once.

Forza Horizon 2 includes new features like finding an abandoned car or going off-road, with amazing freedom. The third installment delivers it all with special routes and improved online multiplayer. The seasons of the fourth installment and the alternation of seasons were very successful, as were Story or additional modes such as Battle Royale.

The Forza Horizon 5 expedition is similar to the previous one, a bit more organized, but what caught our attention in this installment is what the community can create with EventLab. It’s good for the community to get involved, but it also makes us think that they create content for free. I don’t mean that this is something negative, but they could be working on something new of their own invention.

Forza Horizon 5 2

The most complete Horizon delivery

This fifth installment collect all events and features which has been forged in the rest of the game. We have seasonal trials, billboard breaks and speedometer crossings, abandoned car searches, and special events. Apart from this, all racing variants: acceleration, asphalt, road, cross-country and skidding. In the multiplayer aspect, we have Arcade tests, Battle Royale and face-to-face confrontations.

Of course, we also have horizon story, where some information about Mexico and its history is reviewed. Some of these stories are more cautious than others, because now we can slip in the middle of nowhere to earn skill points, or even miss part of the route by not laying down control points. It’s hard to believe that with all the attention they give to realism, they don’t emphasize something so important.

According to Microsoft, this shipment is endowed with a useful life of four years, but various possibilities added to the multiplayer component it will give us many more years. The odds against another rival and the creation of a special event would easily double the time Microsoft had estimated.

Forza Horizon 5 3

Still accessible as usual, or even more

You don’t have to be a lunatic here, if you don’t want to. Forza Horizon 5 You have the option to set the level of difficulty you want to play, either by skill or by time. Not only can we tweak the AI ​​of other opponents, but we can also choose how to ride to adapt. This is a very demanding game if you want to be challenged, but anyone can sit down and play it with the necessary adjustments.

Apart from the internal adjustments, accessibility is also available depending on the platform we will be playing on. We’ve previously mentioned launching it on PC, but thanks to performance in the cloud, we don’t even need to install it on our consoles. It’s amazing how good the reaction is when we play in the cloud, a feature that players who own an S Series with multiple games will appreciate will appreciate.

Championship visual enjoyment

From the very first minute they put us in a variety of situations to the limit worthy of a film Michael’s Bay, even super fast loading while we are still admiring the surroundings. Forza Horizon 5 he knew he could play with that prowess, and he raised it to strength the umpteenth time. Several varied landscapes, with completely different environments between them, with a enviable depth and almost zero transitionThis will please most gamers.

there is totally different biome to drive at full speed: jungle, mountain, beach, city, jungle, desert, ruins and even volcano. You can go to conquer an event, you can explore and you can also admire the photo mode for details. We don’t have to lament over speeding in a place we love, because we can brake and admire it in its splendor.

Being the largest map today, we also have lots of locations and details to explore. Both the buildings and the flora and fauna, the natural details or the beauty of the lighting. All of this endlessly talks about tests where we have to re-measure ourselves on a plane, jump into stunts or go cross-country, in one of more than five hundred available cars.

Forza Horizon 5 4


Forza Horizon 5 Is he horizon definitive. Have got combine all the benefits previous submissions, improve and expand the content. The variety of events, freedom of choice, over 500 cars and accessibility make it the best. Great graphic display and thousands of community combinations will make it nearly immortal. Its menu optimizations and customizations make it easy to play, in addition to interacting easily with simple commands on the crosshead. To get something sharp, upgrade and deepen Story it will be a plus.

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