France and the United Kingdom, the countries most interested in the metaverse

France and the United Kingdom are the countries that show the greatest interest in the metaverse, the technology that promises to create spaces where reality and fiction blur and that right now is on everyone’s lips. However, today, in Spain there is not a huge interest in this technology.

The metaverse has arrived to revolutionize the digital economy. Leveraging the enormous capabilities provided by technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality, the metaverse has created digital interactions and experiences that perfectly mimic real-world mimicry.

With a keen interest in disruptive and emerging technologies, has used the latest available data from the analytics tool SEMrush to establish which countries in Europe are most curious about the metaverse.

The countries with the greatest interest

France is the European country with the highest interest in the metaverse, showing a monthly average of 1,020 searches per million Internet users in the country. It is followed by the United Kingdom, with an average of 942 monthly searches per million British users who show interest in this technology.

Switzerland —831—, Germany —778— and Belgium —659— complete the top 5 of European countries with the greatest interest in the metaverse, respectively being in third, fourth and fifth positions. Ice

“The metaverse has opened a portal of infinite possibilities that will make the margins between the virtual and physical worlds thinner than ever. Although it is still early in its development, some European countries are more interested in the metaverse than others. As the metaverse gains in prominence and understanding of its enormous power, the interests of people around Europe are sure to soar”, commented Rafael Sweaty , president and co-founder of .

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