Francesa Veesion arrives in Uruguay with Artificial Intelligence technology that detects shoplifting – 22/07/2022

Robbery in supermarket, pharmacy, electronics store or bazaar, they can represent 1% of billing, and sometimes more. After this problem was born French platform Veesionwho created software which makes it possible to detect robberies in real time through analysis of images from security cameras with algorithms Artificial Intelligence (AI).

“If the software detects theft, it sends an alert to the user’s phone or computer with telegram messaging platform. This is a 5 second video warning about shoplifting what happened no more than 10 or 15 seconds ago, so that the necessary action can be taken,” he explained. white paul, country manager from a company in Spain.

The company, created in France in 2018, landed in Uruguay last month. It’s in the supermarket Maldonado city and also means the beginning of technology expansion in Latin Americawhich now has around 20 clients between Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Colombia.

The platform sends a 5 second video alert about shoplifting that happened no more than 10-15 seconds ago.

«In January we arrived in Spain, where we have more than 650 clients, and in May they started writing to us from Latin America. In June we landed in Uruguay and then in other countries in the region,” he said.

Blanco emphasized that the company’s rapid growth was also based on the simplicity of product installation.

“You just need to connect the devices we provide to your business-owned camera system without adding anything, and that’s it. This hardware analyzes, through algorithms developed by the company, the movements customers make in-store and detects whether they are thefts, and does so in real time. Once he catches it, he sends the video. 100% of the gestures reported were suspicious and 70% ended in theft,” he said.

Pablo Blanco, Veesion Spain
Paul White. General Manager of Veesion Spain. (Photo: Courtesy Veesion)

In Uruguay, companies receive interest from businesses as well as from Security company for product distribution.

Customized with clients

It vision technology takes about three years to develop and it is possible to detect four “types” of shoplifting. «The first or classic category, which means keeping something in your clothes, whether in a jacket or pants; the second one, that is in-store consumption or when people remove the alarm from the product or seal; the third is a baby stroller which is widely available in supermarkets; and the fourth is theft with backpacks, purses, shoulder bags, etc,” Blanco wrote.

When marketing a product, the company offers a monthly subscription model that varies according to the quantity camera and branches owned by the client. “Prices start at US$150 for a store with four cameras and this implies constant software updates, as is the case with the tAI technologyit gets better over time”, said Blanco.

See. Companies detect thefts such as those hiding products in bags and backpacks. (Photo: Courtesy Veesion)

In Uruguaywhere the company has clients, negotiations are already underway with several security firms and will close with a large chain, the executive added.

Globally, products from Veesion It was installed in about 1,500 stores in 24 countries, mainly in Europe (France, Portugal, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium, Czech Republic and Spain), but also reached Australia, closed.

Startup captures 10 million euros to scale

Veesion is a startup created in France in 2018. The technology behind the anti-theft system took three years to develop, recalls Pablo Blanco, the company’s head of business for Spain and Latin America.

“This is a year-end assignment for three students. In 2020 was the first case (application) in the country but its development reached its peak in 2021. In January this year it went to Spain and in June to Latin America. In total, the project has raised about 10 million euros, ”he explained.

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