Gastronomy 2022, life outside London

Gastón Acurio, Andoni Luis Aduriz, José Pizarro, Nieves Barragán and Pablo Rivero. / San Sebastian Gastronomy

United Kulinary, the motto of the XXIV edition of San Sebastián Gastronomika Euskadi Basque Country, is a nod to gastronomy’s ability to unite culture over politics


Under the slogan ‘United Culinary’, San Sebastián Gastronomika Euskadi Basque Country 2022 will show between 2 and 5 October that there is culinary life outside of London. Its motto is a nod to gastronomy’s ability to unite culture over politics. The gastronomic congress of deans will present a gastronomic panorama of a country which, apart from what is happening in its capital city, is unknown.

In addition to presentations by British chefs and the presence of journalists from those countries and the very large ‘traders’ from the sector, there will be room for Spanish chefs based in the UK to explain their experiences and the success of Spanish products in British circles. . The XXIV edition of Gastronomy has opened an inscription to attend directly to the presentation program and follow the rest of the activities that will be held in the exhibition area of ​​the fair. In addition, this year also means returning to the exclusive auditorium area to sample the proposals presented by the speakers on the main stage.

British cuisine, which has historically been enriched by relations with countries that are part of the Commonwealth such as India or Pakistan or by contributions from French, Chinese, Italian or Turkish cuisine, continues to absorb cultural, culinary and technical influences from around the world. world. Unlimited gastronomy. The United States, Mexico, the Middle East or several Caribbean countries are also already part of this new mestizo configuration of British gastronomy, which will be represented at San Sebastián Gastronomika Euskadi Basque Country 2022 by some of its most interesting and disturbing chefs. A ‘welcome England’ that reaffirms the close ties Britain maintains with the Iberian Peninsula and its cuisine through the millions of British tourists who choose Spanish destinations to spend their holidays in and who recognize the importance of gastronomy when it comes to making decisions. A relationship that is increasing year by year the number of visitors coming from the UK looking to gastronomy is the main argument for getting to know the culture, immersing yourself in nature, the rich heritage and values ​​of the region and its traditions. The role that San Sebastián plays in the relationship between British tourism and gastronomy is also increasing every year and recently, the newspaper ‘The Times’ voted the capital city of San Sebastian as “the best city for foodies”, ahead of 15 other capital cities in the world. the whole world. world.

‘United Culinary’ will be the meeting point for this new British cuisine, embracing diversity and a philosophy of sharing and collaborating, with the Basque Country kitchen, represented in the San Sebastián Gastronomika Euskadi Basque Country edition by chefs such as Andoni Aduriz, Paulo Airaudo or Josean Alija; and with other Spanish cuisines such as Quique Dacosta, Ricard Camarena, Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruch, Benito Gómez, Lucía Freitas, Nando Jubany, Begoña Rodrigo or Albert Adri cuisine. But also from many other cuisines in the world, such as one of the other big names in gastronomy, Gastón Acurio, the Peruvian chef who convinced the whole country that gastronomy was the instrument that would lead him to restore pride and identity and that lit the fuse that eventually launched the Latin American kitchen. to the challenges of the new age. Or Pablo Rivero, the Argentine chef who managed to turn a humble neighborhood grill in Buenos Aires into the best restaurant in all of Latin America on the list of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2020. Rivero, considered the best Latin American grill, will be part of a group of chefs who will attend the symposium. the San Sebastián grill that demonstrates the magic of fire and their special way of seeing and understanding fire, the main symbol of cooking for its ability to transform food.

Moreover, in this twenty-fourth edition there will be the presence of outstanding Spanish chefs and entrepreneurs who in the last 20 years have led their kitchens to conquer England, opening up a venue that has positioned itself as a benchmark in British visitor preferences. . Chefs like José Pizarro, Spanish food ambassador in the UK, based in London for over 20 years; Nieves Barragán, responsible for the only Spanish restaurant with a Michelin star in the United Kingdom; or Quique Dacosta, Nacho Manzano and Dani García, who run their own business on British soil and who have turned London, Europe’s most international and universal capital, into a city in the world with first-class Spanish restaurants. A project that promotes the image of Spanish gastronomy and strengthens the commercial and tourist ties that have always united the Iberian Peninsula with England.

The leading in culinary

San Sebastián Gastronomika Euskadi Basque Country was the first international gastronomic congress held in the world, 23 years ago. Among its aims are promoting avant-garde culinary and gastronomic knowledge and discovering trends and processes of change in haute cuisine. The twenty-fourth edition will also host the National Salad Championship, the Cooking Contest with Beans, the World Grill Championship, the Tenerife National Tropical Fruit Dessert Contest and the Spanish Apple Pie Championship by Asturias. This year, in addition, «Chef del Aceite» was added, a contest in which oil is the protagonist and which is obtained from The Best of Gastronomy, the germ congress of San Sebastián Gastronomika.

This edition will also be broadcast live via the official congress website, where in the last two editions connections were made from over 100 different countries.

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