Gjert to TV 2: – Go to starburst

As is known, Gjert Ingebrigtsen (56) was sacked by his three sons – Jakob, Henrik and Filip – who agreed to replace his father as coach after undergoing training camp in Spain’s Sierra Nevada.

In a longer interview with TV 2 told a 56-year-old man how he had been lately.

– It will be better now than before. I had a star explosion during the fall. “I was driving myself pretty devastated,” Ingebrigtsen told TV 2.

Ingebrigtsen is currently the coach of Per Svela, who officiated the eleventh stage for Ull/Kisa in Saturday’s Holmekoll relay. He is also the coach of Narve Gilje Nords.

Ingebrigtsen is now telling his version of what happened, when he had to stop coaching his sons.

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– Hard

The 56-year-old said the situation had become “relatively untenable for all parties”.

– You can choose to work together as a professional, but it’s not easy to choose a family. We tried to salvage what could be saved in our relationship, and we hope and believe that it will turn out well, so that we come back as a family as before. You may drop things too far before you see the things that matter most, Ingebrigtsen says.

When asked if he was sick, Ingebrigtsen replied:

– Of course. When you see an injury – perhaps a permanent injury in a family relationship – it is difficult to deal with, because it affects how you feel about each other as a family. Of course it’s difficult.

Therefore, changes occur: – Family matters

– In the process of normalization

Henrik Ingebrigtsen has previously spoken to Dagbladet on the topic.

– When people’s emotions are involved, and people have to react and process something, they spend a different amount of time on this. My needs, given how long it takes, may differ from the needs of others. It makes things a little challenging. That’s not all you want to share. Some family stuff is just that, Henrik Ingebrigtsen told Dagbladet in March.

Henrik later said that he and his father had a lot of contact, but the conversation was about everyday things.

– In recent years, he may have been more of a coach than a father. Although it wasn’t like that before. As things become more professional, and the pull is greater, he may have to take on a more professional role towards us. I feel like everything will be normal now. I’m definitely looking forward to that. The change may not be exclusively positive, because it’s like believing in Santa Claus. But I believe it will make things better for everyone involved.

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