Government reaffirms sovereign rights on 189th anniversary of the occupation of Malvinas

In a statement, Chancellery affirmed that “the restoration of the effective exercise of sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands, South Georgia, the South Sandwich Islands and the surrounding marine space, in accordance with international law and respecting the way of life of their inhabitants, is the permanent and inalienable goal of the Argentine people, as enshrined in the National Constitution and is the policy of the State.”

When creating a chronology of the history of the islands, it is shown that “In 1820, Argentine Navy Colonel David Jewett performed the first raising of the Argentine flag in the Falkland Islands and made the inauguration of the Falkland Islands in the name of the United Province of Río de la Plata.”

In this context, on June 10, 1829, the Political and Military Command of Malvinas and the one bordering Tanjung Tanduk was formed.

“However – this is indicated – on January 3, 1833, it is said that the effective exercise of sovereignty was interrupted by an act of force by the British, who illegally occupied the islands, expelling the legitimate Argentine authorities who settled there.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also stated that “the existence of a sovereignty dispute between the Republic of Argentina and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has been recognized by the United Nations General Assembly through Resolution 2065 (XX) adopted in 1965”.

“In accordance with the resolution above, since 1966 and for 16 years, the two countries have been negotiating to reach a settlement of the sovereignty dispute. However, and despite innumerable invitations from Argentina and the insistence of the United Nations, the UK has systematically refused to proceed with sovereignty negotiations”, the text said.

This also underlines that “The international community has reaffirmed the need to resume bilateral negotiations as soon as possible, which was expressed in 10 General Assembly resolutions and in 39 resolutions of the United Nations Special Committee on Decolonization and in various regional and multilateral forum declarations.”

Palacio San Martín stated that 2022 will mark “40 years of resolution 37/9 of the United Nations General Assembly, adopted on November 4, 1982, several months after the end of the South Atlantic conflict, which does not change the sovereign nature of the dispute, as that resolution indicates. “

“Argentina reaffirms its willingness to continue negotiations with the UK in accordance with repeated calls from the international community”, it indicated, and the request was reiterated “to the Secretary-General of the United Nations” to “renew efforts in accordance with the mission of the goodwill entrusted to it by the General Assembly.” through successive resolutions”.

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