Great Britain ruled out entering T-MEC; want a deal with Mexico

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That great Britain have no intention of entering Agreement between Mexico, United States and Canada (T-MEC), clarified this Friday ambassador Jon Benjamin.

It was a misunderstanding. We don’t want to join T-MEC because it’s a trilateral agreement […] From what I understand, the treaty does not even contain a clause allowing other countries to join,” he explained.

After inaugurating the new headquarters of diplomatic representatives in mexico city, the newcomer reveals that, on the contrary, his country is trying to build two separate ones bilateral agreement with both Mexico as with the United States.

In that case, Queen Elizabeth’s representative forward that talks to reach such an agreement with Mexico is about to start, so great Britain he hopes to sign the agreement by the end of next year.

Moreover, as Benjamin explains, great Britain also trying to join Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (SHOUT).

After participating in 76 UN General Assembly, the newly appointed Chancellor of England, Liz Truss, was visiting Mexico, where he was meeting with senior federal cabinet officials, andamong whom highlight the Secretary of the Economy, Tatiana is uglier, with whom she talks about resilience in supply chains, women’s economic entrepreneurship, and building bilateral economic ties.

Meanwhile with the Secretary of the Treasury, Rogelio Ramirez de la O, talks about promoting free and fair trade, and the race to net zero.


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