Hadia Tajik is still officially deputy chairman of the Labor Party

During a short week in early March, Hadia Tajik suffered one of the biggest downfalls in Norwegian politics.

The politician, who, according to Kapital, is Norway’s most powerful woman, resigned as Minister of Labor and Social Inclusion and deputy leader of the Labor Party.

But Dagbladet can now say that he is still officially the party’s deputy chairman. In the Labor Party’s official entry on the Brønnøysund list, the Tajiks are still listed as deputy leaders.


Have responsibility

As recently as May 16, the Tajik was still listed as the deputy leader of the Labor Party on the state registers of companies and organizations, as well as on the Party List.

This means that he still holds these positions for the state and the Norwegian public, and assumes the responsibilities that come with being deputy head of an organization.

Hadia Tajik has been on sick leave since she stepped down as deputy leader, and thus has not performed any duties for the party or as elected deputy since.

Dagbladet is the first week to experience that the Tajiks are back at work this week. Then he would meet again in Storting.

– I’m looking forward to Hadia’s return to the group on Monday. He is one of our most talented politicians, Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre told Dagbladet.

Tajik stepped down as deputy leader of Norway’s largest party on March 6 after a series of revelations about his commuter apartment and one he privately owned at the same time. Dagbladet was able, among other things, to tell how he made money by renting out apartments in his hometown while he was receiving free housing from the state.

Just four days earlier, he had announced at a press conference that he had stepped down as Minister of Labor and Social Inclusion.

Bitten NATO bickering: - Unrealistic

Bitten NATO bickering: – Unrealistic

– No message

Dagbladet has investigated whether the list of Tajiks as representatives may be due to an error on the page or a delay in the system, but register Brønnøysund denied this to Dagbladet.

“Our professionals say that if a message is found in the sequence and can be registered, the change is entered in the register and becomes publicly available after the next few hours or days, depending on the register change reported and which change was reported,” the communications department wrote in an email. .

One day later, the list management department confirmed that it had not been notified by Labor that the Tajik was no longer deputy leader, and that he was also still listed as deputy leader on the independent Party List.

“We can confirm that as of today we have no reports from the Labor Party for processing, neither to the Unity List nor to the Party List.”

Crisis meeting about billions of stains: Never told

Crisis meeting about billions of stains: Never told

– Formalities

Labor believes this is no big deal, and calls it all a formality.

– This is a formality that has not been followed up on Hadia Tajik’s sick leave, communications manager Ingrid Langerud wrote in an email.

Register Brønnøysund notifies Dagbladet that anyone with a role can register their resignation.

“Associations can report changes on the board, but documentation must be attached to confirm the new board/change,” the register wrote in an email.

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