Harry and Meghan insulted the royal family

Harry and Meghan come under massive criticism

Offending the entire royal family

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s visit to Queen Elizabeth drew attention, but it was Harry’s TV interview that caused Britain’s fury.

Britain’s monarchy hopes that the unexpected visit of Prince Harry, 37, and Duchess Meghan, 40, to Queen Elizabeth, 96, at Windsor Castle will be the first step towards reconciliation in the British royal home. But that optimism did not last long.

Prince Harry’s interview on the American TV channel NBC’s “Today show” regarding his participation in the Invictus Games in The Hague in the Netherlands has attracted not only attention, but also anger among royal experts and ordinary Britons.

The insult was welcomed by Harry and Meghan on social media.

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INVICTUS GAMES: “I couldn’t love her more, and I know you do the same,” Meghan told attendees during the Invictus Games.
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Queen Elizabeth’s Celebration

In the interview, Harry said that, much to the disappointment of Queen Elizabeth, he could not promise that he, his wife Meghan and children Archie (3) and Lilibet (11 months) would participate in the great celebration of the sitting great-grandmother. on the throne in 70 years. It is scheduled to take place on the first weekend in June.

– I do not know. There’s a lot of stuff with security and stuff, Harry said.

He also said that his homes are now California and the United States, and he would not answer whether he missed his father Prince Charles, 73 and older brother Prince William, 39.

But it was his remarks about a brief meeting with Queen Elizabeth’s Grandmother over tea that really took England out of the concept.

– It’s great to be with him, it’s great to see him, and he’s in good shape. He always had a good sense of humor, and I just made sure he was protected and had the right people around him, said the prince.

When I saw that Prince Harry promised to make sure that the “right” people were around the queen to “protect her” in his last TV interview, I was reminded of a boxer who desperately attacked an opponent who wasn’t there. Blinded by his own ego, the Duke of Sussex does not realize that he is the most destructive, royal biographer Angela Levin wrote in comments in The Sun newspaper.

– He insulted not only Prince Charles and Prince William, but the entire royal family, wrote Levin, who has written a book about the prince.

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QUEEN ELIZABETH: British media criticized Harry and Meghan for supposedly only having time for a very short visit to Queen Elizabeth.
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Will protect the queen

– When I got to know Harry he always wanted to do what was best for the queen. He always wants to work hard, he helps his father and he is intuitive. But at this point, he’s behaving – let’s be honest – like an idiot, wrote Angela Levin in her comments.

Author and royal house expert Robert Jobson believes Prince Harry’s claims about his protection of the queen do not match reality.

“Prince Charles and Prince William protected the queen with actions, not just words,” Jobson wrote.

TV profile Piers Morgan, who recently launched a new daily show on the new Talk-TV channel, also took a firm stance against Prince Harry on Twitter.

– How does the prince protect the queen? By moving from England and living 6000 miles away? By hanging out his family and the royal family on TV? By canceling the memorial service for Prince Philip’s grandfather? By writing a book about the royal house?, wrote Morgan.

LISA JOHNSTON: Lisa Johnston gets a warm hug from Meghan and Harry in the Netherlands. Guaranteed lifetime memories.
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