He beat Alcoyano and left the ‘ghost’ of the Copa del Rey

Real Madrid managed to close the open wound that the trainer Carlo Ancelotti acknowledged him after being knocked out last season by Alcoyano and on this occasion they beat the Alicante team 1-3, in the third category of Spanish football, who stood but saw how in a decisive and unfortunate minute their choice to fight to enter the last 16 Copa del Rey.

That Alcoyano faced the game very bravely, with a strong forward pressure and clearly reached the Lunin domain, which Dani Vega tested when nearly three minutes of play had elapsed. In the following corner, the locals took the lead after two final chances camavinga, with the head, prevent 1-0.

That Real Madrid, without Modric ni Kroos, was stranded in the medulla before a push from his rivals, who did not allow the men from the Whites’ midfield to link up with those who attacked. with cons, Alcoyano opened the field well and kept coming with danger, with tireless hard work at the top Mourad.

A greater presence than Valverde, disappeared in the first twenty minutes, lets Real Madrid dominated the midfield a bit more and calmed the local attack, although goalkeeper José Juan still couldn’t get away. However, a corner in the last half of the first half made it possible Real Madrid advance on the scoreboard. Framework Militao, with a header, in Madrid’s first shot between the three clubs.

In the second half the sensation in Real Madrid, which with a favorable scoreline is no longer as calm as it was in the first half. Initial injury from mariano provide entry into the game for Asensio and they Ancelotti they master the game and the depth.

Real Madrid players in celebration

Vicente Parras He attempted to revolutionize the game with a triple change to seek a tie with the next half hour. But what revolutionized the accident was Dani Vega, who, in spectacular personal action, equalized in the 66th minute when he played his best Real Madrid.

The ghosts of what happened last season are starting to fly collao. However, in just a minute and with much luck, Real Madrid decide the tie. First, Asensio puts 1-2 after his shot hits the center Carlos Blanco and soon after, the just-out Isco took advantage of the unfortunate local defense and provoked with a whimsical action for the goalkeeper’s own goal. Jose Juan.


1-3 leaves the game visible for penalties and allowed Ancelotti brought in two new players this season as Vallejo and above all Dani Ceballos, who returned to the field after being injured in the first game Spanish in the past Olympic games.

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