He went to England for three months, but started two companies and now owns an award winning business

Valentina and Bathsheba; when the baby was born he sold his logistics company.

He went to London for three months “to see, explore a little.” That is the year 2003 He studied dentistry in Argentina and, soon after he arrived, in addition to perfecting his English, he worked as a volunteer at Oxfam. At the time set up a logistics company which eventually sells and is dedicated to the production of “Argentina” preserves and artisanal empanadas and alfajores. Betsabe Pedutto is the creator of Bacanas, brand sold in store food store

Rosarina emigrated in 2003. She says that while she was stable, she founded a logistics transportation company that lasted almost a decade. Installed in Hartford -30 minutes from London- he specializes in business-to-business delivery. “We started with a van and I sold it with eight and eight employees -bill-. We did so well, I sold it to another company where I stayed for a few months.

At his request he made homemade empanadas and pastries & # xed;  a.

Upon request, she makes homemade empanadas and pastries.

Upon request, she makes homemade empanadas and pastries.

Pedutto remembers that He was surprised when, with the company’s project, he came to the bank, explained the project and they gave him the 10,000 pounds he needed.: “For us Argentines, it’s strange to work like this. I sold the company because my baby was born and I wanted to have more time; in 2019 I started with Bacanas”.

Although he loved to cook, he was never a pro. He warned that there was a business segment that exploded when he invited friends over to his house and they liked what he did and asked him to buy.

It started with no initial investment, “very slowly and growing.” He did devise a plan for where he wanted to go, analyzing what products he liked best and the types of customers he was reaching.

“There is room for artisanal; the concept i’m working on is ‘born in Argentina, made in England’ because consumers value that fresh produce is used, that they have traceability; they want to know on which farm they grow vegetables. They are willing to pay a little more for it.“, carry on.

Pedutto is trained in packaging techniques to advance its business; has four permanent products: Chilli chimichurri, classic chimichurri, pickled eggplant and kumquats. All of them are sold in specialty food stores. “That’s part of the concept that marketing is like this,” he said.

Preservatives are sold in grocery stores.

Preservatives are sold in grocery stores.

Preservatives are sold in grocery stores.

“What I am most proud of is that everything is made in house,” he continued. I introduced Argentinian food to the British outback; in London it’s easier to get, but in the interior they don’t really know it. First of all, we carried out tests and in this way the locals received the product”.

The brand logo tries to reflect the type of woman in which Pedutto is reflected at the age of 46: active mother (daughter Valentina aged 4) and engage with sustainability. She always participates in the business women’s group.

Apart from preserves, on request produces alfajores from Santa Fe, empanadas and some signature cakes. The name “Bacanas” is a wink “from Buenos Aires”, he says the dominant one is “quality”.

Although he has received offers to grow his business, his decision is not to: “This is not for me, I will fall in the same line as what I am trying to differentiate myself. I request that my house meets all the requirements set by the State, which carries out the inspection, and this work scheme allows me to become a mother and do business“.

“Bacanas” won stars in Great Taste Award – the UK’s most prestigious food and beverage competition – for its chimichurri and was a finalist, by community vote, as ‘best food producer’ in Hertfordshire / BedfordShire.

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