He works at McDonald’s and wants to be prime minister: Kemi Badenoch, the candidate who grew up “without running water” in Nigeria

Former British Minister of Equality Kemi Badenoch, get into the race for prime minister. The British politician of Nigerian origin has vowed to be the “new face” that the Conservative Party must leave behind Nigeria’s troubled government. Boris Johnson.

Like other contenders, Badenoch’s wildly dangerous rise to the public sphere was fueled by his pro-Brexit militancy, winning support from the far-right for him. anti attitude “get up” (get up)a concept that refers to progressive movements that fight for minority rights, such as anti-racism and LGTB+.

The former Equality Secretary, whose resignation was part of the wave that sparked Johnson’s departure, launched his candidacy with plans to shrink states and government “focus on what matters”and presented as a touch of freshness that Tories needed in the midst of people’s dissatisfaction over the economic crisis.

Who is Kemi Badenoch?

Kemi Badenoch is Minister for Equality Boris Johnson.

Kemi Badenoch, whose real name is Olukemi Olufunto, was born in Wimbledon, southwest London, into a middle-class family from Nigeria. He spent his childhood in Lagos, USA and Nigeria due to the work of his parents, a doctor and professor of physiology.

“I come from a middle class background but I grew up in a very poor place. Being middle class in Nigeria still means no clean water or electricity, sometimes bringing my own chair to school”Badenoch noted in an interview.

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When he was 16 years old, Badenoch returned to London to study thanks to the help of his father, who in the midst of the acute crisis that hit the country in the mid-nineties was able to raise money to pay for his tickets. Once there, he had to arrange it himself, so, To pay for his studies, he got a part-time job at McDonald’s.

“Most of the students are ethnic minorities and expectations for us are low,” he said in an interview with British outlet The Independent. Finally, in 2003 the future conservative leader graduated from computer engineer at the University of Sussex and began working in the financial sector, which catapulted him into politics.

Leap into British politics

Kemi Badenoch 20220715
Badenoch officially launched his campaign last Tuesday.

In 2005, young Badenoch joined the conservative party and rose to fame in his position of questioning the historical flags raised by the left and progressivism, such as diversity policies or refugee care, which made him increasingly popular among Britain’s toughest conservatism sectors. .

“The liberal and elite left believe they have a monopoly when it comes to care, whether it’s diversity or refugees. Of course we have a moral obligation to help refugees, but what is important, and more difficult to do, is to see what works when they arrive. , can they get a job? Do they integrate? Do they take British values? He pointed out in the interview with the media mentioned above.

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Since then, the mother of three has received support in part thanks to her scathing criticism of the “progressive” (wake up) position, particularly with regard to the approach racisma controversial issue in Britain, and spoke out against “white men who think they can save Africa”.

“What has helped and helped African countries is free trade and business, not more aid and more benevolence”he pointed out in an interview, with a clear nod to the political space he had begun to inhabit, waving the flag of the country’s shrinking.

Main campaign launch

Kemi Badenoch 20220715

In 2017 Badenoch won a seat in Parliament. Since then, his rise to the top of the party Tories That’s fast. With nationalist rhetoric, defined as the “English dream” about his immigrant background, and using that argument to vote for Brexit. Five years later he held the position minister of equality, until he stepped down in early July in line with the cabinet crisis that triggered Johnson’s departure from power.

Meanwhile, last Tuesday he launched his candidacy for prime minister with the idea of ​​being noticed as he is practically unknown, something he considers a “huge advantage” over familiar faces such as Rishi Sunak you Liz Trussone of Penny Mordaunt, poll favorites.

In his speech, Badenoch presented himself as a “new face” to reinvigorate the conservative party hit by the Johnson administration. your shaft shrink the country by lowering corporate and personal taxes, reducing the number of officials dealing with diversity issues, and limiting international financial aid programs.


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