Henry Cavill Warns Witcher Fans: ‘Don’t Throw Coins In The Road’

star of The Witch, Henry Cavill, has warned fans of the Netflix series against being tempted to make jokes about ‘toss a coin at the Witch’ when they saw him on the street. The protagonist of the streaming series, the successful audience who has released a spectacular second season, thinks that some followers don’t understand the importance of personal space. After being the protagonist of many headlines in the press for a personal attack on his fondness for war hammer, Cavill joked about the shortcomings of playing Geralt of Rivia.

Throw Coins at Your Witch

In The Witch, during its first season, the famous bard jaskier (played by Joey Batey) composed songs in an attempt to help win Geralt’s heart from Rivia in his adventures on the Continent, trying to make it more fun and culminating in the face of those who don’t believe him. This is how I was born Throw Coins at Your Witch, a truly viral musical success, which eventually resulted in inspiring mixes, covers and singles that made it to the most listened to charts in the UK and Australia. Cavill, who has come to BBC Radio 1 to promote the launch of season 2 The Witch, He has admitted that although he had fun with the subject, he had certain fears.

No one threw anything at me or forcibly returned it

“There was a comment that said: Sorry for Henry Cavill. For the rest of his life, wherever he went, people would throw coins at him“, the actor begins in the above-mentioned medium. “I mean, they haven’t. But, I dunno, look at all this space. Besides, you better not throw anything at me. Give it back.”, warned the actor between laughs. Sometimes the line between fiction and reality tends to blur for some obvious followers, and various actors and actresses have been treated as their characters in real life. Some of the protagonists of Game of Thrones They experienced it themselves, and several Marvel actors, best known for bringing superheroes to life in fiction, experienced this abuse in a similar way.

The Witch, temporada 2, yes available on Netflix. Soon to have an ambitious prequel.

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