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The electric cyclist was said to have maintained a speed of more than 100 km per hour and passed a car, according to a road user who recorded the incident.


Police previously stated that they confiscated an electric bicycle which on Tuesday afternoon was said to have been traveling at up to 90 km per hour on the E18 at Svartskog outside Oslo.

VG has now spoken to a rider who says he recorded what happened.

– He is more than 100 km / h, I believe, the person said and added that he was not the one who informed the police.

– Very cold and wet

– I didn’t want to be behind if something happened, so I passed it, said the driver who did not want to be named. He said that the electric cyclist was red in the face.

– It rains and blows quite a lot. He looked cold and wet, he said.

– What are you thinking about?

– I was very surprised. This is life threatening. He doesn’t have a helmet or anything. It was a very wet road, he could slip quickly and it could go very wrong, said the rider who said his bike passed at least one car.

Police have stated that the electric cyclist, a man in his 40s from Oslo, was driving without a helmet and that he was filmed by the rider reporting to the police. Police have seen this video.

– Melder called at 3:33 p.m. and he said and saw an electric bike located at what he described as 90 km per hour, operations manager Jan-André Delbeck in the Eastern police district told VG.

– The bicycle has been confiscated and the man was reported for violating the Road Traffic Act 3.

The operations manager said the patrol moved out and contacted the man riding the electric bike.

We have found the right person and talked to him. “We’ve also spoken to reporters and seen the video,” Delbeck said.

The power from the auxiliary motor of the electric bicycle should be stop at 25 km/h.

– Whether it’s modified or custom made, Delbeck said, adding that the bike will now be inspected.

– Then you make a case based on what you might find, says the operations manager.

– Really crazy

Trygg Traffic thinks it is very good that the police took control of the situation and confiscated his bicycle.

– That sounds absolutely crazy, communications manager Cecilie Bryner told VG.

– The risk that other road users are exposed is completely unacceptable. It’s a miracle that he didn’t hurt or injure anyone else.

Section 3 of the Road Traffic Act is a general precautionary section which states that “everyone should travel with caution and alertness and caution so that no danger or damage can occur and so that other traffic is not obstructed or disturbed.” unnecessarily.”

Watch the video – last year British police issued a warning against electric-kicking cyclists on the highway:

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