Here Freya is pulled off the dock in Frognerkilen – VG

After relaxing in the port of Frognerkilen for a few days, the walrus Freya was a passenger when her new residence was pulled into the fjord on Wednesday afternoon.

Vincent Eekhout, who observed and recorded the incident, said he was working in the Oslofjord when he saw the walrus lying down and sunbathing.

– I was driving to have a look, and saw there was a man who was in the process of pushing the boat out. I thought maybe he would drop it, but he was very calm and took it very well.

Eekhout said the man jumped into another boat, and pulled the boat with Freya in it for about 150 meters, before the walrus came off.

– I talked to those who have boats on board. They said the ship was completely destroyed inside.

The ship is broken

On Tuesday, VG wrote about Mathias Ysen Brandt-Kjelsen, whose ship was destroyed by Freya. On Wednesday, he told VG that he didn’t know if his ship was towed from the dock.

COMFORTABLE PEOPLE: Freya relaxes aboard the Mathias Ysen Brandt-Kjelsen on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, Brandt-Kjelsen told VG that his ship will most likely have to be dumped.

– A bit awkward for boat owners, but walruses should also be kept alive. I’ve spoken to the insurance company and they said they thought it would be sorted – I hope they get it sorted out quickly.

– Leave the walrus alone

On Wednesday, the Directorate of Fisheries came up with one pers conferencewhere they urged people to leave Freya the walrus alone.

– He is a wild animal weighing around 600 kilograms, which is not always tacky and clumsy as it seems.

The walrus is a protected species that should not be disturbed unnecessarily. Killing Freya was not an option.

The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries has assessed various actions that could reduce contact between walruses and humans, and is in contact with the city government of Oslo on possible actions.


Rune Aae is a doctoral candidate in didactic science at the University of Southeast Norway. On Tuesday, he told NTB that he had observed walruses reacting with sudden movements when certain vessels came too close.

– Everything shows that he wants to go. But he didn’t, because he was caught between the boat that was coming and the boat he was on.

Aae believed that it was best to block the area in Oslo where the walrus was, rather than go after it.

– He will relax for up to 20 hours. When he’s constantly stressed by people and the presence of people, it’s not good for the animal, Aae said.

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