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It’s not just sugar lurking in the liquid: In some cases, these two cups can contain more calories than a McDonald’s hamburger, according to an analysis by the Alcohol Health Alliance (AHA), a British organization that criticizes labeling alcoholic beverages as “grossly inappropriate.”

The AHA analysis in its report, released this week, the calorie and sugar content of 30 bottles of red, white, rose, fruit and sparkling wine sold in the UK; wines for sale in the US can be expected to have similar characteristics.

Although health guidelines recommend that adults consume no more than 50 grams of free sugar per day, almost all of this amount is achievable. drink two glasses of moderate wine.

Less alcohol, but more sugar

On the other hand, the analysis shows that Many of the wines with the highest sugar content are the ones with the lowest alcohol content..

As for calories, the opposite rule applies: High calorie wine is also often a longer lasting drink.

When a centenarian claims that the secret to growing old is to drink a glass of wine every day, we want to believe it. And even more so to our doctors. But this spell is more questionable than ever.

More than 4% of new cancer cases detected in 2020—more than 740,000—were the result of alcohol consumption, according to a study published in the special journal Lancet Oncology which urges public authorities to raise awareness about the consequences of consuming this substance, which is not well known. Alcohol too increases the chance of developing breast cancer, which is most commonly diagnosed in women.

As for the proud slogan that one drink a day helps prevent heart attacks, it should be borne in mind that The New York Times investigated a study by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) several years ago that attempted to substantiate that thesis, and found that five major alcohol-related companies (Anheuser (Bush, Heineken, Deiageo, Pernod Ricard, and Carlsberg) are involved through the foundation which allocates money to the institution.

Let’s get back to the candy problem.. Do you think your consumption is moderate? You may be wrong: according to the World Health Organization (WHO), sugar consumption in the US is 126 grams per day, tallest in the world. As we pointed out at the beginning of this article, WHO recommends limit consumption free sugar up to 50 grams per day for normal weight people (free sugars include those found in honey or juice as well as those added to food or drinks).

Here are some foods that, like grapes, hide more sugar than we think:

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