How about the trailer for The Exorcism of God, the long-awaited film by Alejandro Hidalgo?

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God’s Exorcism, a horror drama directed by Alejandro Hidalgo of Venezuela, reveal the trailer with a first look at some of the suspenseful scenes and performances with surprising transformations. The film, which aspires to be a Venezuelan production with the largest international distribution, will hit theaters in Venezuela on February 24, 2022.

The trailer was released on Hidalgo’s Instagram profile, where he also published a link to a page about God’s Exorcism. The trailer starts with the protagonist of the story, the father Peter Williams, played by actor Will Beinbrink (This: Capítulo 2). This American exorcist has dedicated himself in the last years of his life to helping the people of a faraway city in Mexico. In preview, the priest repents and is disappointed: 18 years ago possessed by demons, which forced him to commit a grave sin whose consequences still haunt his conscience. Another priest tried to comfort him: “It’s not you, you’re possessed,” he said. But Williams insisted, “I let it happen.”

Thus begins the trailer for the director’s recording End time house. The following image reveals: different moments in history and the characters who are a part of it. Father Peter is asked to save a woman who is possessed, a role played by Venezuelan actress María Gabriela de Faría, who makes her horror film debut with this project.

“Save him, dad,” they pleaded with Williams. It was then that the protagonist decided to face the battle between good and evil to defeat the devil, who surprised him more than once with the various victims he had.

In his fight against evil, Father Peter will not be alone. The trailer shows various priests accompanying him and advising him during his mission. Among them are the characters played by actors Joseph Marcell (rap prince), who came to town with the aim of helping them: “To overcome this, you don’t need to believe in God, but believe that you are God,” he advises.

More than 100 countries

Co-produced by Venezuela, Mexico and the United States, God’s Exorcism planning to premiere on 155 countries. In Latin America alone, the film will screen 700 screens in Mexico, 500 in Brazil, 90 in Argentina, 100 in Colombia, 110 in Peru, 40 in Ecuador and 70 in Central America.

The film has a different distributor who will be in charge of projection in each region. Among the most important highlights Saban Movies, one of the largest distribution companies in the United States. Thanks to this alliance, God’s Exorcism it will be shown in select theaters across the United States. In addition, it will launch its digital on the streaming platform.

Saban Films will also handle distribution in countries such as the UK, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. When XYZ Movies will supervise the international sales of the production.

Alejandro Hidalgo points out that, in addition, there are distribution agreement to release the film in theaters in Portugal, Russia, France, India, Korea and Taiwan. “Taking into account all the regions where we have confirmed the distribution, there are 155 countries in total. This is a big premiere. We would like to announce in Venezuela that it is the most widely distributed Venezuelan film in the world,” said the director.

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