How many Spanish health workers work in the UK?

Total of 7,199 healthcare professionals Spaniards have started the new year by working on national health system (National Health Service) UK, figures are fixed with respect to 2021, according to data published by this agency, so are not affected by pandemic from coronavirus or by Brexit.

Through its Twitter profile, the NHS would like to thank all the international staff who “were there for everyone in 2021 and will continue to do so in 2022.” A total of 102 countries have worked during these months of the pandemic, of which Spain ranks sixth in terms of worker volume, surpassed only by the UK (971,878), India (17,823), Philippines (13,797), Ireland (13,307). ) ) and Poland (7,451).

“They emigrated in search of decent working conditions”

Some professionals use this publication to claim to improve the condition of the National Health System to avoid this ‘leakage’ of health workers.

“7,199 Spanish health workers work in the NHS (UK health system). Colleagues trained in our university but they emigrated looking for decent working conditions. But here they prefer to include retirees than improve condition for them to come back”, said nurse Héctor Castiñeira from his Twitter profile, better known as Nurse bored.

However, other professionals challenged Castiñeira’s words, pointing out that conditions for nurses in British institutions were not as optimal as they seemed and some suggested choosing to work in other countries.

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