How secure is your password?: it takes time to crack

Cyber ​​security is very important to protect the data of every user, as well as keep the company’s image intact

Currently, most of the population has become part of the world digital, where they dominate algorithm, key, cake and other factors that enable effective navigation for its millions of users.

This means that we have a constant need to create millions of new accounts and password daily.

Today, almost 60 percent of the world’s population is already on the internet, according to the Digital 2021 study conducted in a joint effort by We Are Social and Hootsuite.

The result is that 53 percent of the planet has at least one social network, which requests (mostly) one password to be able to access space digital.

And though cyberspace security This is a fairly well-known topic, users usually don’t pay much attention to it.

Given this inattention, to be precise, they created password not all safe for accounts, whether for social networks, streaming platforms, and even for home banking.

Statista published a study some time ago in which it exposed the most common passwords in the world (and not so secure) was discovered in several leaks from 2020, where users indicated their particular interest in creating (or not) a password which allows you to protect your “secure” information, among the most widely used:

  • 123456*
  • Figure 1
  • password
  • 111111
  • 123123
  • asdf
  • qwerty
  • abc123*
  • I love you

And, although today, creation password safe It is very important to protect personal data from possible fraud and leakage, companies also need cybersecurity experts to be able to develop several protocols and other defenses to avoid the possibility of becoming a victim of cyber attacks, as this is becoming more and more common.

Argentina, with the weakest password

Although cybersecurity is a well-known topic, users usually don’t pay much attention to it

Colombia, Brazil and Argentina leads the ranking of countries in the region with the highest use of weak passwords to protect access to applications or identify themselves as users on websites, according to several months ago the Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry (Lacnic, for its acronym in English).

“In the region, the country with the highest number of weak passwords was Colombia, with 8.8%, followed by Brazil with 8.7%, while the proportion in Argentina was 1.6%, followed by Mexico, with 1.3%” , deploy entities.

Globally, the three countries with the weakest passwords are: the UK with 13%, Russia 9.8% and Colombia with 8.8%.

The most frequently found key in the global ranking of weak passwords was the number 123456, which concentrated 665,016 cases throughout 2020.

The following weakest passwords most found in Latin American countries are: 123456789 (320,211 times), password (176,306 times) and senha (167,140 times).

The numbers 12345678 and 1234567890 were later found, followed by qwerty, 12345, iloveyou and onedirection.

“Use strong password This is one of many computer security measures that organizations may need to prevent unauthorized access to computer systems and networks, limiting them to only authorized users,” said National Director of Cybersecurity, Chief of Staff, Gustavo Sain.

He added that “what the pandemic has shown us with the increasing use of computer resources through remote work and distance education, among other things, is the importance of cybersecurity in these times.”

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