How will Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee be celebrated in 2022?

He 2022, Your Honour Queen Isabel II it will be the first king of England to celebrate platinum jubilee. Son 70 many years service since he immediately ascended the throne on February 6, 1952, when his father king george died and he was 25 years old.

Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II: what celebrations will be in 2022

To commemorate the Platinum Jubilee event, Buckingham Palace together how is the celebration of the four days. From Thursday 2 June and until Sunday 5 people around Kingdom Union Come together to celebrate this milestone. >

The four days of celebration will include public events and community activities, as well as moments of reflection on Queen Elizabeth II’s 70 years of service.

Among the curious activities they will do “pudding competition”, a national cooking contest where they will make a new pudding that the queen decides on; The winner is the person who makes the perfect pudding recipe for the Platinum Jubilee.

More than 60 thousand trees in the pavilion – “plant a tree for the jubilee” – dan Royal Collection Trust will show portrait not published of the Queen, that the clothes she chose for her coronation and the clothes she wore at the previous jubilee.

Trooping the Color 2022

At the parade for the queen’s birthday, ‘Set Color’, there will be more than 1,400 marching soldiers, 200 horses and 400 musicians. This parade usually takes place on the second Saturday in June.

Starting at Buckingham Palace, you’ll head to the Horse Guard’s Parade with members of the royal family in chariots and horses. The parade will conclude with a traditional RAF flight, viewed by the ‘royal family’ from the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

On the same weekend, the Service’gratitude‘, Thanksgiving Day activities at St. Cathedral. Paul. And the derby in epsom Downs, where the queen will attend a derby with her family at Epsom Downs – a first-class racetrack nestled in the hills.

Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Party

That platinum partyor in the palace it will be broadcast by BBC, is a special event live from Buckingham Palace where some of entertainment’s most famous stars will join. Members of the public are invited to attend (by request) and will release ballot details for UK residents to obtain their tickets in the future.

Every day since 2009 there are ‘Great Lunch’ (large lunch) to encourage the community to celebrate their relationship and get to know each other better. The same will be done in 2022 and everyone is invited. And it will be necessary to fight historic platinum jubilee parade, a parade in which more than five thousand people will participate from the UK and the Commonwealth around Buckingham. There will be theater, music, circus, carnival and costumes to celebrate the reign of Elizabeth II.

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