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This fall, more than a million sailors watched the Norwegian version of Maskorama on NRK.

The concept is that all kinds of celebrities hide behind masks and perform new songs every week. Using different clues, judges and sailors will guess who is hiding behind the mask.

Now the Vikings in the British version of Maskorama, The Masked Singer UK are getting a lot of attention in the UK.

Many claim that it is the famous Norwegian singer Morten Harket hiding behind a Viking helmet and red beard.

– Feels like choosing

THINK THAT’S THE FATHER: Tomine Harket is pretty sure he feels that he chose his dad.

Photo: Sara Tonning / Sara Tonning

His daughter, artist Tomine Harket, is pretty sure that her father is hiding behind the mask.

– I like to think that I want to choose my own father. There was a kind of quiver in Dad’s voice, which made me think the hardest like him.

– Sounds like dad when we sing with the whole family, when grandpa plays the piano and my brother stands and sings together. That’s the feeling I get. This is where I thought “I thought it was Dad”.

Do you think Vikings could be Morten Harket?

That’s when the famous Viking interpretation of the song “Songbird” by Fleetwood Mac, the rumors began.

Below you can see the Vikings appearing in previous episodes of the British edition of Maskorama.

Could this be Morten Harket? Many also believe that it could be James Blunt.

– Supernatural sound

British Vikings supposedly had a possible link to The Voice, and there Morten Harket had our mentor several times.

Hanne Sørvåg has one too and she says she feels the pop legend’s signature voice and expression.

Portrait of Hanne Sørvåg

Hanne Sørvåg is the vocalist and former mentor on The Voice.

– He has a bit of supernatural in his voice and that might be a hint in his costume. Maybe he was “our” Viking.

He points out that Harket is known for wanting a sound and a show in his own way.

– If it’s him, I think he’s brave. It’s even more naked in terms of sound, even though she’s in costume.

Sørvåg thinks the Vikings’ performance of “Songbird” is reminiscent of the way Harket sings in “A Kind of Christmas Card”. Do you agree?

– Not sure

Jan Fredrik Karlsen, who previously owned our Idol judges, said that Morten’s voice quality was very distinctive and beautiful.

– The voice and signature in the Viking voice is very reminiscent of the way Morten uses his voice, very strong and vulnerable. But not all of the notes are true.

Jan Fredrik Karlsen

Jan Fredrik Karlsen, artist manager and former Idol judge.

Photo: Anne Liv Ekroll / Anne Liv Ekroll, NRK

Karlsen said there were twists in the performance that didn’t match Harket’s voice. He wasn’t sure that Harket was hiding behind a Viking mask.

– There’s nothing more fun than Morten Harket who is a Viking in England, but actually I’m a little unsure.

But he didn’t know who it was if not Morten.

Hints point to Harket

On Twitter and in the comments section on YouTube, many think that the clues that appear point to Morten Harket. Some believe, among other things, that the costume reveals itself.

On fan site a-ha-live.com, they highlighted a few other clues that also matched the vocalist at a-ha. One of them is “King`s Rock”, or Kongsberg which is Harket’s hometown.

Another was that he actually had a different type of armor. Fansida points out that Harket has been knighted by the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav.

“Songbird” will also become one of Harket’s favorite songs.

Morten Harket with the Vikings in the British edition of Maskorama

Morten Harket with the Vikings in the British edition of Maskorama.

Photo: NRK / ITV

The truth can come this weekend

This weekend, the Vikings returned to the stage during The Masked Singer. He was one of those ten participants, so it was only a matter of seeing if the Vikings had to take off the mask.

Tomine Harket never thought that his father could say yes to joining something like that.

– Because there’s very little he can do, and it’s sporty. If it’s not him, it hurts.

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