– I stopped breathing and became really stiff – VG

OUT ON THE ROAD: On a Saturday afternoon, a bear appeared on the hiking trail to Stavåsdammen in Elverum.

Astrid (28) and Aina (57) were walking in the forest when a bear suddenly stood in front of them. – I thought: What are you doing here?


– Don’t talk about me playing dead! I started running!

In the midst of seriousness, Aina Skogvang (57) started laughing when she shared the surprise she and Astrid Jørgensen Hjermstad (28) had on Saturday.

Friends were on their way to Stavåsdammen in Elverum when a bear suddenly appeared in the middle of the hiking trail.

eastern people mention the problem first.

Astrid grabbed Aina’s arm when she suddenly saw her about 20 meters in front of them. Aina said:

– I stopped breathing and became very stiff. His heart rate is 200. How should one behave when meeting a bear, for example?

– I squirm because he squirms, Astrid said and laughed.

– You get wobbly and a little stressed, but I’m very curious, said Astrid.

– No bear cubs

Friends have been on guard in case they run into a viper – or even a moose. However, they did not imagine bears.

– I know it’s in Norway, but it’s not here that I expected, said Astrid.

– I thought: What are you doing here?

The bear walked slowly towards them before disappearing from the path and further into the forest. With their lunches in their bags, the friends were on their way to Stavåsdammen. They don’t go that far:

– We were supposed to enjoy ourselves and relax, but then we turned around. We had dinner when we came back, Aina said.

– Going down was quicker than going up, so to speak, Astrid said with a laugh.

Aina and Astrid estimated that the bear couldn’t possibly be more than five years old.

– At least no bear cubs!

MET A BEAR: Astrid Jørgensen Hjermstad (28) and Aina Skogvang (57) were surprised when they were out for a walk in the woods on Saturday afternoon.

200 meters from the building

They were not yet about 200 meters from the settlement when the bear appeared on the trail. Neither of them had seen a bear in the area before.

– Come to think of it it was an amazing experience, but at that time I didn’t think I would come out of that forest again, Aina said.

Astrid managed to take a picture before the bear disappeared into the forest.

– I really want to get a clear picture, because I know that no one will believe me if I don’t. It was an experience like no other, he said.

It’s rare for Astrid to receive more responses on Facebook and Snapchat:

– Everyone wrote to me: Seriously, you bastard!

Astrid lived not too far away, and had passed the route several times before.

– I’ve been walking here alone all the time, but I might be a little more observant now. I don’t think I’ll be going here again this week, to be exact, he said.

He himself worked in the hospital.

– Good thing I didn’t have a heart attack, because then I would have ended up in my own department!

In the video below, you can see how this family in Canada handled the situation when they encountered a bear on the road.

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