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Reinsve told VG that he had a meeting with the director in Hollywood. He has now confirmed that he has accepted a new film role.


Actors Anders Danielsen Lie and Renate Reinsve met VGTV in Hollywood before the Oscars opened the night before Monday 28 March.

They are the actors in the film “The World’s Worst Man” who was nominated to win the award for best international feature film during the 2022 Oscars.

Eskil Vogt and Joachim Trier were also nominated for best original screenplay.

When asked if Reinsve could have imagined all this a year ago, he replied:

– I can’t believe all this has happened in the last year.

– Crazy journey

Anders Danielsen Lie says that there is a lot to accept – and a lot to digest.

– It was a tiring journey, he said adding that it was “a very fun film to make”.

However, Reinsve believed he managed to keep his feet on the ground, despite his fame.

– A lot of weird things happened. And then suddenly it’s in the picture, but you almost have to laugh it off. It’s also not completely real. It’s really fun and exciting to be a part of it. Then I like to live a simple life with not so many luxuries and fancy things myself and I have lived like that my whole life, so because of that I thought I could keep my feet on the ground.

Here, actors Anders Danielsen Lie and Renate Reinsve meet the press in Oslo after the Oscar nominations are known on February 8.

When asked how he was spending his time in Los Angeles, Reinsve replied, among other things, that he had held several meetings with the director.

– There are some concrete projects, and some of the directors I met to get to know and show that I am optimistic and speak English, he smiled.

To NTB, he admitted that he had accepted a new film role.

– I can say that I have said yes to the American project. And it will be very fun and enjoyable. But I can not comment anything, said Reinsve to NTB.

He adds that the project isn’t very big, but that it would make a very good film – and that’s what he’s interested in.

He bragged about the script and said there were “good people” associated with the project.

NTB further asked if he would be rich.

– Exactly that side I don’t know anything yet.

Star meet

Da Reinve performing “The Late Late Show” nthat’s until Wednesday Norwegian time. Host Corden told Reinsve it was he who made the gorgeous appearance in the film.

During the event, Reinsve also recounted the first time he met his favorite director Paul Thomas Anderson a few weeks ago.

Now he also tells his story to VG:

– Lately I get a lot of money from people. Then I saw that he was about to bow, and then I kind of had to bow deeper than I had because I’m a huge fan of his. And then we were just kidding, ended up on the floor and then he kissed my head and Joachim (director Joachim Trier, diaries) take that picture.

Reinsve bragged about the director and said “that he is the best man in the world”.

– He has given a lot of love and talked a lot about our film here. He wanted as many people as possible to watch movies here. He has done a lot for the film as well.

The film “The World’s Worst Man” has received much acclaim from critics. Last summer, Reinsve received the award for best female actress at the Cannes Film Festival, one of the most prestigious film awards in the world.

She was also nominated for Best Actress for the UK’s biggest film award by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) for her leading role in the film.

This film could also win for “Best Non-English Language Film”.

However, there is no BAFTA award.

Strong candidate

But they can now win an Oscar.

– What do you say about the chances of winning?

– What we heard is that there are two very strong candidates. That it was “Drive my car” and “Worst man in the world” as his favourites. We don’t know. Anything can happen. Then there’s some politics in it too. “But we’ll see, we’re very happy to be here,” said Reinsve.

Danielsen Lie said that “everything that happened from here was just a bonus” and bragged about screenwriters Eskil Vogt and Joachim Trier.

– It’s absolutely fantastic that Eskild and Joachim have been nominated for best original with a Norwegian script in the very American category. It would be quite sensational if they could win there.

Check out the full interview with Renate Reisve and Anders Danielsen Lie:

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