Ibrahimovic showcased with 40 years: “A different race”

    swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic usually leaves no one indifferent. His provocative character is usually accompanied by spectacular plays on the field that cause different reactions. His most recent occurrence was publishing photo where he appears shirtless to show off his fitness at 40. If anyone had any doubts, he wrote: “Different Breeds”.

    The current Bosnian striker is part of AC Milan after serving in the United States at Los Angeles Galaxy. Before he crosses the ranks Malmo (the team with which he debuted in Sweden in the country’s highest category), the Ajax Amsterdam (Netherlands), Juventus Turin (Italy), Inter Milan (Italy), FC Barcelona (Spanish), Paris Saint Germain (French) and Manchester United (England), but in the team Milan It’s been in a different stage until adding four seasons.

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    The Swedish striker usually completes his training sessions with the football club with other complementary sessions. For example, Zlatan Ibrahimovic works core and resistance with TRX, gymnastics and other modalities with a personal trainer. In addition, it has incredible flexibility built up thanks to his training when he was young in taekwondo class.

    Thus, he has surpassed the comparison with other young athletes. “time is on my side“, he joked about 40 years and some footballers have their main role with that age on the pitch.

    The Swedish striker is still in great shape and has always ruled out retirement. At 40 years old, she can boast of a sculpted and firm body like the one she wore in the group photo many comments praise his fans for his abs and muscles.

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