Illsint Lunde sends Viper to Champions League final: – Absolutely incredible

BUDAPEST (VG) (Metz – Venomous Snake 27-33) Viper broke down after leading the Champions League semifinals by five goals before half-time. Then Katrine Lunde (42) turned on all the plugs. Then Viper’s roller coaster drama takes a turn after Lunde’s brilliant rescue.

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– Temperament is and should be, Katrine Lunde told VG – still red on top after the semi-finals with max ignition.

– He’s amazing, says Viper coach Ole Gustav Gjekstad.

– He is our angel, says 12-goal scorer Markéta Jerábková

– For me, it’s important to get the right energy and not get too angry, says Lunde.

– It was a very tough match. We have lost twice against Metz, but it was important to win at the most important moment. People are doing great work today. “It affects the body, but what we have achieved is unbelievable,” he told Viaplay.

Bella Gulldén’s viper profile doesn’t skimp on superlatives.

– He’s really amazing. I live with him, so I see how much he does this and how focused he is. “Even though it’s only been a year, I’m very happy to be able to play and experience someone like that,” Gulldén told Viaplay.

Lunde was also praised by team-mate Nora Mørk, who was also very solid in the semifinals.

– Temperament as expected. Katrine is amazing. He gave again and again and again and again. There’s no one like him, Mørk told VG.

– It really hurts. This match is boiling. We managed to live in the game, although we had to adjust the defense a bit and limit the number of duels. In many ways, Katrine stood out. There was a victor’s skull in him. The louder it gets, the more it grows, Mørk says of the fire stopper.

Last year’s winner, against all odds, played his way into a new Champions League final after Henny Reistad and Heidi Løke disappeared along with Emilie Hegh Arntzen and Malin Aune. But Lunde has taken the lead all season and made 15 saves in the semi-finals – nine of them after a midway blast.

The Champions League’s oldest player went furiously into the break after Metz took the lead back in the last seconds of the first half.

– He gets frustrated when he doesn’t get the help he needs, says Viaplay commentator Karoline Dyhre Breivang. Coach Ole Gustav Gjekstad was also clearly condemned before half-time.

Györ is ready for the final in the Champions League. Stine Bredal Oftedal played with a possible broken nose but dominated the game as Esbjerg were beaten 32-27 in Saturday’s first leg at MVM Dome.

The Vipers dominated the first half for 18 minutes. Then Markéta Jerábková scored his fifth goal to secure a 13-8 lead. Katrine Lunde saved six balls and mostly made it.

But Metz were no more shaken than they turned the game around in the final 12 minutes.

In the last minute of the first half, left winger Laura Kanor ensured France had a 15-14 lead as she returned behind a furious Lunde. Vipers mostly fail both ways.

Nora Mørk missed five shots in a row and suffered a two-minute suspension in attack. The Metz defense broke into the gap that early in the half had given striker Ana Debelic and left winger Sunniva Næs Andersen the three goals.

It was said to be a sudden stoppage against a club which at the start of the season had beaten the Vipers twice by clear numbers.

– Depressed Viper gang Breivang explained after 7-1 to Metz in the last 12 minutes of the round.

CREATING FIVE: Sunniva Næs Andersen did a great job for Viper.

The Viper had their best shooter again in the first minute after the break. Jerabkova broke the horde of attackers. Metz had equalized for Viper in the match, but Viper got back on track. The Czech shooter finished with a fantastic 12 goals in just 16 goals in the semifinals.

Næs Andersen continued his fine shot from the left flank and secured a fresh 20-19 lead. Markéta Jerábková scores a new goal from distance. Thus, Viper took the lead with two goals 20 minutes from the end.

12 GOAL: Markéta Jerábková hits a fantastic shot in the Champions League semifinals.

Viper and Nora Mørk turn things around. Mørk awarded two penalties and reached 100 goals for the first time in a Champions League season. Mørk warded off adversity, then scored with a superb breakthrough and an artistic penalty.

Linebacker Ana Debelic sent the Vipers back to a five-goal lead midway through the second half.

Katrine Lunde saves the ball. On Sunday, the most winning women’s player of all time could win the Champions League for the sixth time.

– We will give everything we have. Györ are a fantastic team, but I also think they are a bit wiser, Lunde concluded.

Mark doubts whether the Viper will ever reach this final. Now he thinks they have everything to gain.

– We’ll be in this final. We have to play as best we can. We must not think that we have to defend anything. I think it will be an open match. “I’m really proud we beat Metz, because I’m not sure about that,” said Mørk.

The final is played at 18.00 and can be watched live on VGlive.

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