I’m Famous, Get Me Out of Here confirms Adrian Uribe as the new racer

‘I’m famous, get me out of here’ will be a new premiere that will appear on the screen Azteca TV In order to test the abilities of the strongest celebrities in the entertainment world, each challenge will bring participants closer to the grand prize, but the obstacles will become more and more complicated so they must stay safe and concentrate to get out Go ahead and don’t stumble along the way, besides, challenges can caused destruction to celebrities during their stay on the most intense reality show on television station Ajusco.

The reality show shows an interesting dynamic where the participants have to be crowned the ‘King’ or ‘Queen’ of the competition, that’s why ‘I’m famous, get me out of here‘ is one of the UK’s most important reality shows produced by Granada Television, has also traveled the world, show licenses are also obtained by countries such as France, Hungary, Sweden, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Romania, Australia and India .

Adrian Uribe leaves Televisa

The driver will reach the screen Azteca TV After spending a lot of time on the reality show Televisa, a situation that makes viewers doubt a lot, however, the good attitude of Adrian Uribe can create a great atmosphere inside ‘I’m famous, get me out of here’ so that we can see a tremendous shift in the production of television station Ajusco that makes viewers want to keep watching new content.

So far it is unknown whether Adrian Uribe She’ll be coming with a partner or she’ll be taking on reality shows alone, but her big roles in other Televisa programs show that she won’t miss a chance to impress viewers and get some laughs along the way.

When will the reality TV show Azteca premiere?

The reality show will arrive one day after the final Exatlón All Star, which is on Monday, May 2, this new program can be one of the most relevant content in Azteca UNO programming, therefore it is said that it could be the main competition of the new season ‘Challenge 4 Elements’ start a new battle between Televisa and Azteca TV by rating.

It will be a matter of time to know if the premiere ‘I’m famous, get me out of here’ will issue Azteca TV the terrible spiral he had suffered with other reality shows in his program and would lead the television station to have better ratings than its viewers.

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