Impressive video of two surfers taking giant waves at Nazaré on an electric board

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Surfing is a water sport that has a large following in Spain, a country with many beaches where you can practice this activity. Thanks to technology, surfers can now feel like they’re flying on water, because there’s an all-electric board, like the Fliteboard eFoil you’re using. surfers to take giant waves in Nazaré, Portugalas an impressive video view.

The eFoil Fliteboard is an electric surfboard whose design features underwater fins with a flat or curved surface designed to lift any boat. Made of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber, this device offers the sensation of sliding on the sea and reaches a maximum speed of 40 kilometers per hour. In addition, it emits no emissions, makes almost no noise and the motor power is controlled with a wireless controller that is completely waterproof.

Glyn Ovens, a Welsh surfer, and Tom Court, from the UK, recently went to Nazaré with the aim of catching big waves using an eFoil Fliteboard. An idea they have been preparing for a long time and that, as the impressive video shows, They fulfill leaving some beautiful pictures to remember.

15 meter wave

This company’s goal with this action is shows that it is possible to take big waves using an electric surfboard instead of the traditional; in addition to further enhancing Fliteboard’s performance in these more complex types of environments.

A surfer catches big waves in Nazaré using an electric surfboard

During the test, the team made sure that they had the best conditions: no wind, clear skies and big waves. In the first video shared by Fliteboard’s official YouTube channel, you can see from the entire challenge preparation process to where Glyn Ovens confronts the giant waves of Nazaré with an electric board.

Meanwhile, Tom Court also took the opportunity to record a video of the experience for his YouTube channel. Both include drone view images. Before the challenge, the two surfers did several warm-up sessions, due to the large size of the waves, reach a height of 15 metersit can have big consequences, so you have to be prepared.

“Travel control”

For a better experience, it is absolutely necessary that everything is reviewed and prepared in detail. When the day came, Nazaré greeted two surfers with 15-meter waves hitting the cliffs and they both took it perfectly with their electric surfboards, as seen in both videos.

A surfer uses a Fliteboard to catch giant waves in Nazaré

“Once you’re on the chart, You have to control the ride, speed and judge the ocean, set the waves, position yourself in line, and make sure you’re in the right place. Make all the decisions yourself, because in the end you are on your own if things go wrong,” the team can be heard.

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