In 2022, the official legend is “The Malvinas are Argentine”

In 2022, 40 years have passed since the war between our country and the UK over the sovereignty dispute over the Malvinas Islands. For this reason, Decree 17/22 published today in the State Gazette, stipulates that in awareness this year will be a tribute from the Argentine people to those who fell in conflict through the implementation of the legend “The Malvinas are Argentines” in all official documentation of the Administration. National Public.

The move is meant to highlight acknowledgment to the fallen and their families, and to the veterans of the Malvinas, with an inclusive and federal perspective.

The decision supports initiatives where:

“So long as all governments are democratic and consistently, have rejected the use of force and continue to demonstrate their willingness to negotiate bilaterally as a means to reach a peaceful solution to the dispute, in accordance with United Nations General Assembly Resolutions. Nations and the principles of international law”.

That in this context it is necessary to carry out socialization and awareness actions, both nationally and internationally, regarding the appearance of Argentina’s sovereign rights regarding the ‘Malvinas Islands Question’ within the framework of the First Provisional Provisions of the National Constitution, as well as respecting and honoring our fallen ex-combatants and their families. “

That, on the other hand, it is inevitable that the main axis of the National Government is the reaffirmation of Argentina’s sovereignty over the islands, calls for the resumption of dialogue and negotiations with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the ratification of Argentina’s democratic commitments by peaceful means for the resolution of controversies and respect for international law.

These regulations are also framed in inter-ministerial initiative “Malvinas Agenda – 40 years”-presented last week at the Malvinas and South Atlantic Islands Museum- which aims to develop actions and proposals that highlight the recognition and respect of the Argentine people for ex-combatants, fallen and relatives of the South Atlantic conflict, as well as to disseminate the main arguments of Argentina’s position with an inclusive perspective and federal.

Cover photo: Malvinas Museum.

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