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In February it will be known if the capital of the Falklands, Stanley, attains city status

Sunday, January 9, 2022 – 07:53 UTC

Stanley has a cathedral but there are also 18 other locations in England with similar conditions

Stanley, the capital of the Falkland Islands, has entered a competition for city status as part of the Queen Elizabeth Platinum Jubilee (Seventy Years on the Throne) Civil Honors Competition.

This was announced by the Islands government, FIG, in a statement on 23 December.

There were 39 localities participating in the competition, which this time and for the first time also opened for British Overseas Territories, BOT, and Crown Dependencies.

Gaining city status can provide a powerful boost to local communities and open up new opportunities for their residents, as was the case with previous winners such as the cities of Perth and Preston today, where local economies have benefited from their better representation both nationally and globally, the statement said. from the British cabinet of ministers, quoted in the Falklands.

Legislator-elect and Secretary of the Falklands Legislative Assembly, MLA Ian Hansen said in this regard, ?? We have applied for city status because 2022 will be a very special year for Her Majesty the Queen and our country, like us. ready to show the world how far we have come since the Falkland Islands war in 1982??.

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Meanwhile, Managing Administrator of the Islands Government, Andy Keeling, said that such an achievement would not only be the icing on the cake in terms of our plans to mark 70 years of His Majesty’s reign, but would also send a very strong signal regarding economic, social and economic developments. Falklands politics so far and how do we position ourselves for the future??

But questions arose among members of the public as to whether Stanley was no longer a city. according to her penguin news, The Archipelago Weekly, although Stanley is referred to as the “capital city”, it does not enjoy the status of a city that the Queen should be given. Nor is it automatically granted, either by having a university or cathedral in town, the latter being something Stanley already has. But apparently Stanley was never granted city status, admitting that Penguin News.

But Stanley is not alone in owning a cathedral but not enjoying the status of a city. There are 18 localities in England that have cathedrals but do not have city status, and another 18 have the opposite status, namely city status but not cathedrals.

In the previous Jubilee Civic Honors Competitions, the criteria for obtaining the condition were in the areas of salient characteristics, special historical or tangible characteristics, and a positive attitude towards the future.

The winner of the competition will be decided in the spring of 2022 and then announced as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Celebrate concludes the UK cabinet’s official statement.

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