Incest substance awarded 6.7 million in court – VG

Lawyer Ida Andenæs has served as legal counsel for the defendant’s father during the case at the Helgeland District Court.

A man in his 60s has been sentenced to pay his own daughter a total compensation of nearly seven million kroner for the sexual abuse he committed 22 years ago.


It was her father who in 2017 himself contacted the police and told about the abuse he experienced on a 14-year-old daughter, and a little later 15, in 2000.

It was later discovered that she had struggled with significant mental problems and comprehensive post-traumatic stress disorder characterized by anxiety, and an emotionally unstable personality disorder since childhood when the abuse occurred.

Despite the father’s confession, the Helgeland District Court has ruled that he should serve one year in prison for sexual relations with a minor, and for incest. The prison sentence of two months is heavier than the prosecutor’s demands.

The verdict falls on a Wednesday in Easter week.

Comprehensive compensation

– The court still doubts whether the confession has made the situation easier for the offended by giving him experience to believe, as the defendant and the defendant in some cases have very different explanations of the circumstances that are essential to determining reaction, the court wrote. 25 percent discount confession.

The court also considered whether the defendant’s father could not be convicted because his case could be outdated, but concluded that was not the case.

However, the court has ruled that the man must pay his daughter NOK 6.75 million in compensation, damages and restitution for the consequences of abuse nearly 22 years ago.

Solve education twice

Women, who are currently in their 30s, received the most, more than NOK 4 million, as compensation for lost future income from work. He had twice started training as a kindergarten teacher, but symptoms such as difficulty concentrating and flashbacks meant he had not been able to finish. Today, he is found to be 48 percent disabled as a result of the abuse.

– While it cannot be ruled out, the court finds it probable that he will lose future income as required until retirement age, the court stated.

Lise Ligaard’s co-advocate at law firm Teigstad said the case was, and has been, a huge burden on the client, but she hoped it would now have a final conclusion.

Important to believe

The injured party is satisfied with the result. To him, being trusted was more important than compensation, but compensation gave him the opportunity to live a dignified life. However, the compensation could never compensate for the severe damage he sustained, Ligaard said.

The man’s defence, lawyer Ida Andenæs, demanded full acquittal during the trial. He told NTB that the client was aware of the verdict.

– We have not clarified whether to appeal, the lawyer said.

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