Instagram addiction can be controlled via ‘rest’ option

Many scandals surround the company meta, among others, the owners of Facebook and Instagram, for the alleged lack of interest they give to user welfare their platform, so they have decided to implement this option for control for addiction.

The purpose of this tool is called ‘rest’ what’s that notify user from social networks when it is considered that they bring used too long platform so that they are aware of and appreciate closing the app for a while.

It has not been established in all countries

Currently, this feature is only for iPhone users in the United States, Ireland, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia, though is expected to be used by users around the world soon.

In Spain this function is not available yet, although there is an option to limit usage time from the Instagram app. This limit implies that once the set minutes have been exceeded, the application can not be used more time. To get started, you must access ‘schedule daily reminder’.

How to activate this function

For set time limit, we have to do it from our profile screen, click on ‘your activity’ option. Later, the ‘time’ and ‘manage your time’ options will appear, where you can configure a reminder that will show that take a break from the app.

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