Instagram integrates parental control tools

In 2021, Instagram admits that this social network usually has bad impact on young girlsbecause it becomes a “social comparison” engine in which users judge themselves based on comparisons made in relation to the attractiveness or success of others.

According to Reuters, the company will allow parents to control the time their children spend on Instagram and will implement a parental control function in Quest virtual reality glasses.

Parents will be able to see which accounts their kids are following and can set a time limit for their kids to spend on the app. Parental control on Instagram and Search require adolescent consent.

Where will Instagram’s parental control tools be available?

Initially, the Instagram monitoring tool will be available in the United States starting Wednesday and will be rolling out worldwide in the coming months, according to Meta.

Instagram is dangerous for teens

Instagram’s statement about the damage its app has inflicted on teens comes after details of the March 2020 report made by teenagers using the social network in the United States and Britain were published.

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