Instigated – got support from Hamilton

After the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, some viewers took to social media and immediately incited recent Sky Sports expert Naomi Schiff.

The 28-year-old man was also a victim of racist incitement.

It seems superstar Lewis Hamilton is sorry.

– Social media is a great platform to focus on a specific topic. Naomi doesn’t need me to speak on her behalf, but I know what it’s like to receive a provocation, she told Sky Sports.

EXPERT: Naomi Schiff (left) is part of the Sky Sports team during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix Photo: James Moy

The Mercedes driver himself has experienced racism on social media.

– Representation is very important. “We live in a male-dominated sport, and Naomi was one of the first with a color of skin, and one of the first since I started in the Formula 1 circus,” the 37-year-old said.

Hamilton drove his first Formula 1 race in 2007.

Schiff himself has been involved in motorsports. The 28-year-old was born in Belgium to a Rwandan mother and Belgian father, but lives in England.

– It is a huge responsibility to stand there: That he got hatred for nothing terrible and unacceptable. It is important for us to stand together. “I think he’s doing a fantastic job, especially for all the girls from different backgrounds who see this as a possible career path.”

Watch Hamilton’s absurd protest

Hamilton’s competitor, Max Verstappen, is also eyeing the net.

– They can say what they want, which I don’t think is right. “If you actually met these people, they wouldn’t dare tell you this,” said the Red Bull driver, who leads the entire Formula 1 World Cup.

Former IndyCar and NASCAR driver Danica Patrick also gave her support to Schiff.

– He has a much bigger voice than the five seconds people get by tweeting, he said.

SUPPORT: Danica Patrick gives support to Naomi Schiff.  Photo: BRIAN SNYDER

SUPPORT: Danica Patrick gives support to Naomi Schiff. Photo: BRIAN SNYDER

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