Insurance company has named the UK’s least trained pet

Insurance company So-Sure received a series of laughable photos when they named Britain’s least educated pet.

The winner of the dubious title was the mixed breed Laya from Haverfordwest. In the winning photo, she poses somewhat “guilty” after destroying all the sofa cushions and covering the living room with feathers.

Photo: Absolutely-Sure

– We have heard that this is not an isolated incident. Apparently, Laya had done the same with blankets and destroyed more than 20 pairs of shoes, reports So-Sure.

Labradoodle Evie from Leeds took a dubious second place. He has chewed the net into pieces in the family football goal.

13-year-old Daisy from Cardiff has had to live with the crime since she was two. Here he is immortalized after turning the kitchen over 11 years ago.

Lightning, a three-year-old greyhound from Bournemouth, was a little too unfit for a podium finish. He got an old mattress. While the owner thought Lightning should sleep on the bed, it seemed Lightning himself had other plans….

Gwynnie also took the pillow she got and made a comfortable sleeping bag for herself…

The only two cats on the top list are Orion and Cleo. Two kittens from Portsmouth have entertained themselves with a truly adorable cat toy: Dorullholderen….

12-week-old sproodle Shelby from Manchester barely made it past the threshold of her new home before she left a lasting imprint on her owner’s favorite chair.

Bulldog Buster is another one on the list who has a knack for pillows and feathers that seem to be a recurring theme in pet glitches.

Leo also chews on bedroom furniture – but at least it’s his own bed that he’s living in…

Dachshund Derek from Leeds is the only one depicted with a misdemeanor dog famous for: Shoes. Let’s hope they aren’t as expensive as they seem…

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