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During 2022, e-commerce continues to grow both in number, frequency and value of transactions, according to a study conducted by ClearSale, a company specializing in fraud protection in e-commerce, which reveals that 45 percent of consumers make online shopping once or twice a week.

Learning Ecommerce consumer behavior in 2022conducted with 5 thousand people from five countries (United States, Canada, Mexico, UK and Australia) revealed that Not only are more people preferring to make purchases online, but the value is also increasing.

“Consumers have made e-commerce a part of their daily lives, so 45 percent of consumers make online purchases twice a week; next, forAbout 30 percent spend more than $400 on average per month”, comments Víctor Islas, Director of Operations for Clear Sale Latin America Clients.

This study also revealed that categories with higher growth e-commerce sales during 2022 is clothing, fashion and accessories; second, electronics and technology, and finally household goods.

Category growth in e-commerce

These categories have been driven by the incorporation of new consumers, because 59 percent reported having make your first online purchase in the last few monthswhile 43 percent said they had made a purchase of electronics or technology for the first time.

“One of the peculiarities we see with technology articles is that e-commerce has given consumers the possibility to search best prices on various online shopping platforms, including those around the worldIsland added.

In this sense, this study details that more than 90 percent of consumer have made a purchase on an international trading sitewhich indicates that competition has increased and allows consumers to access products manufactured anywhere in the world.

On the other hand, the survey details that approx 50 percent of millennials and centennials prefer to shop onlinea number that contrasts with the preference of 35 percent of those belonging to Generation X and boomers.

“What is surprising is that more and more Gen X and Boomers are shopping online, because until a few years ago, only 11 percent were shopping online; this is a sign that e-commerce will grow in 2022 and beyond”, concluded Clear Sale’s Director of Operations for Latin American Clients.

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