Iran asks US to lift sanctions to advance nuclear deal

That revival of the nuclear deal between Iranian power and state depends on United States “political decisions”, Iranian officials said as top negotiators returned to Vienna to resume talks after brief consultations in Tehran.

“There are still key issues related to certain political decisions, particularly Washington’s decisions about lifting of sanctionsIranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Said Khatibzadeh said the AFP news agency reported.

“Negotiations are going in the right direction, we have no insurmountable obstacles”However, the official added.

After regretting the United States’ “lateness” in presenting its proposal on lifting sanctions, he called on Washington to “do everything possible and present initiatives so that current plan A is successful.”


After a five-month hiatus, talks resumed in November in the Austrian capital between Iran and countries still part of the international agreement on Iran’s nuclear program concluded in 2015 (France, Britain, Germany, Russia and China).

The goal is for the United States to return to the agreement it unilaterally abandoned in 2018 during the Republican Donald Trump administration, and for Iran to honor its commitments to the pact.

The negotiations have two sides: on the one hand, Iran’s nuclear commitment and on the other, the lifting of US sanctions.

The United States participates indirectly in dialogue.

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