Iran nuclear deal negotiations resume in Vienna

Update with statement from EU coordinator /// Vienna, 27 December 2021 (AFP) – Negotiations to try to salvage the Iran nuclear deal, which resume on Monday in Vienna, will be “very difficult”, warns European Union (EU) coordinator Enrique Mora. After five months of interruptions, negotiators (Germany, France, Britain, China, Iran and Russia) that are trying to return to the international consensus on Tehran’s nuclear program as in 2015, returned to the discussion table in late November in Vienna, Mora. , who chaired the meeting, pointed out that all parties have shown a “clear willingness to work for the success of these negotiations”, which is a “very good sign.” work. very serious in the coming days and weeks … it will be very difficult,” he added. Negotiators will work through Friday and then pause for the weekend for logistical reasons, Mora said. The deal reached in 2015 gave Tehran the insurgency Part of the stifling sanctions its economy in exchange for drastic reductions in its nuclear program, under the tight control of the United Nations.What is at stake in this new round of talks is to achieve the return of the United States to the pact, having left it in 2018 and reimposing sanctions on Iran.The United States is indirectly participating in negotiations, because Tehran refuses to hold direct talks with Washington. “Today a new cycle of negotiations is opening. The issue of assurances and verification of “the lifting of US sanctions if Washington returns to the deal is on the agenda,” Iranian Foreign Minister Hosein Amir-Abdollahian was quoted as saying by Iran’s official press office, IRNA. -Iranian Oil- “The most important thing for us is to get to the point where we can verify that Iranian oil is sold easily and without limits, that the oil money reaches Iranian bank accounts in foreign currency, and that we can benefit from all the proceeds.” in different economic scenarios,” said the Iranian Foreign Minister. We have reached a joint document on the nuclear program and sanctions. The first negotiations (on this issue) will start today,” he added. Iran, Said Khatibzadeh, has advised “all participants in the negotiations to come to Vienna with a desire to reach a good deal”, as Iran refuses to “waste time and energy” He also warned that the Iranian delegation “will focus on two issues: the lifting of sanctions and nuclear activity.” – ‘Time is running out’ – The United States has warned Iran of its position not to continue discussions, although it has not yet issued an ultimatum. “a few weeks” left to salvage the Iran nuclear deal if Iran continues to expand its atomic activity at current levels, US negotiator Rob Malley said last week, warning of a “crisis” in the event of a diplomatic failure. The same tone from France, Germany and Britain (E3) : “Time is running out. In the absence of rapid progress, given the rapid progress of Iran’s nuclear program, the agreement will soon become dead paper,” they warned. In response to the reimposition of sanctions against it, Iran has gradually freed itself from the restrictions imposed on its nuclear program, despite denying any desire to develop weapons. In line with this, the head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, Mohamad Eslami, assured on Saturday that Iran has no intention of enriching uranium by more than 60%, even if negotiations fail. Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations in Vienna, Mikhail Ulyanov, described this statement as “positive message.” Meanwhile, Israel’s head of diplomacy, Yair Lapid, whose country fears that Iran, an enemy nation, will equip itself with atomic weapons, said Monday that “stopping Tehran’s nuclear program” is “the first challenge to foreign policy.” and Israel’s security.” “We prefer to act through international cooperation ional, but if necessary, we will defend ourselves.” added kam / hj / bk / grp / aoc / eg / lda ———————- ———– —————- ———————–

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