Ireland says EU is open to dialogue but warns London of “problems” if it violates protocol


Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney assured Monday that the European Union is determined to maintain dialogue with Britain to find a solution to implementing the protocol to stop Northern Ireland being negotiated by Brexit, even though he wants to leave. that renegotiating the agreement is not an option for the bloc and has warned the British government that breaking it unilaterally will only “cause trouble”.

“Without a doubt, the desire of the European Commission and Ireland to address the issue is very present, but we cannot accept that the UK is acting unilaterally and adopting legislation that violates international law,” Coveney said in a statement to the press in Brussels, where he was attending. European Union ministers meeting.

Coveney has said that after having breakfast with other colleagues, he was able to verify how the Twenty-Seven was a “rock” with regard to the determination to “settle problems with British friends” but without forgetting that “the law is the law” and therefore good. the protocol drafted and ratified by the EU and the United Kingdom “is the basis for any treaty”.

In this way, the Irish minister has alluded to the fact that the protocol is an international Treaty and that walking away from its compliance unilaterally “would cause more trouble”.

“Alternatives to unilateralism are tension, resentment and legal challenges”, Coveney continued to call for “dialogue” and the need for commitment on the part of the UK Government, which was criticized on the part of Europe for rejecting all proposals for Brussels but offering no alternative plans other than violating what was signed.

Irish politicians have considered that there is room for “fast progress” and hoped that Johnson’s Monday trip to the province of Northern Ireland would produce a signal that London was also willing to “work together” to find a point of understanding. .

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