Ireland tightens border controls with Britain

Irish police will increase border controls with Northern Ireland when the transition period for Brexit ends on New Year’s Eve.

Superintendent of Police Liam Geraghty stated that from Friday 1 January, the 500km border between Ireland and the British province of Northern Ireland will be strengthened with more border guards.

Irish police authorities will also deploy outpatient patrols to act as border guards in the wider area.

But there will be no precise control of the border line, and there will be no permanent station for border control or any other form of fixed installation, Geraghty said Wednesday.

– Increased attendance will be seen through more frequent patrols and outpatient checkpoints, he said. There will also be increased control of cars crossing the border.

The UK and Ireland have agreed on free movement between countries, but on January 1 the border with Northern Ireland will become the border between the EU and the UK. According to Geraghty, this means immigration control for travelers arriving from countries outside the EU or outside the Ireland-UK free movement zone.

The police inspector said Irish police were well aware that criminal elements could try their shoes on the new practice of border control.


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