Israel encourages female travelers to visit

Israel has promoted tourism among female travelers to visit it because it offers them a safe place, full of history and culture.

It Israel Ministry of Tourism She published that she hopes with these statistics, women from other countries like Mexico will join the adventure and visit destinations soon.

In a survey conducted in 2019 by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism to more than 27,000 travelers from various countries such as Russia, the United States, France, Britain, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy, the first three were female issuers. tourists to Israel. . 34% of those surveyed were women and of that percentage, 17% had traveled alone to Israel at least once, there were 4,600 women.

Statistics show that age is not a barrier to traveling alone outside their country, with 35.8% of women entering Israel between the ages of 35 and 54.

Travelers between 25 and 34 years represent 30% and those between 55 and 64 years are 15.7 percent.

Among the main purposes of traveling alone to the Holy Land is to visit family and friends in the first place with 51.6 percent.

The second reason is to visit other countries with 18%, for leisure 16.7% and for business reasons 6% of visitors.

The minimum percentage is for some religious purposes, 3.5%, and only 0.5% of respondents travel to Israel for study purposes.

Travel expense

The average expenditure of women, compared to other travelers, is lower on the concept of accommodation by 215 dollars. In aviation, a larger investment is shown, paying 484 dollars.

In this case, the average spending of women traveling alone to Israel in 2019 was a thousand dollars, thinking only of international flights and lodging, just under 400 dollars than the average tourist, who spent a total of one thousand 431 dollars on the same concept. dollar.

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