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RAIN: Low pressure off the coast of West Norway will cause rain over the next few days, according to the Meteorological Institute.

While temperatures have remained steady, there will be plenty of rain and wind for the coming week. Autumn low pressure reported from the Meteorological Institute.

Low pressure off the coast of West Norway will bring a lot of gray and rainy weather over the next 24 hours. While it mainly affects West Norway, it will also reach East Norway.

This was reported by the meteorologist on duty Elin Tronvoll at the Meteorological Institute.

– It’s a low pressure that occurs more often in the fall than in the middle of summer, which brings a lot of wind and rain, he told VG.

Apart from rain and rain, it will be accompanied by strong winds to strong winds from the east both today and tomorrow. There will also be the possibility of thunder tonight.

The strongest winds will come on Tuesday, when small to strong winds will blow on the coast, especially in West Norway south of Stadt.

– It’s this low pressure at the start of the week that brings the most of the weather, says Tronvoll.

– We’re monitoring it now to see how much rain and wind there will be.

Gradually to the north

On Monday, rainy weather will be heading towards Troms and Finnmark with low pressure gradually moving north, according to Tronvoll.

Wednesday and Thursday will have less rainfall south of Stadt and it will rain in Troms and Finnmark. On the beach it can be windy, with the possibility of strong winds to strong winds.

On Friday, there will be individual showers of rain in the north and south, but otherwise the weather will remain for most of the country. On Saturday, there will be another low pressure that will hit West Norway throughout the day.

rainy weekend

Tronvoll may report some rain this coming weekend, across most of the country. Saturday it will rain in West Norway, Sunday in East Norway.

– Trøndelag and Nordland will probably get the biggest splash on Sunday, said Tronvoll.

– Though it looks like Troms and Finnmark will get the least amount of rain this weekend.

Stable temperature

In terms of temperature, it may not be autumn, Tronvoll said. The scale will be about the same as the one we saw this weekend.

– There were some changes in temperature, nothing very hot or cold on the road, he said.

– In this case, the temperature may not be very autumn, but it gets cooler when it rains.

The bushfire alert expires on Monday. Due to the increase in rainfall, it will return to normal levels.

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