– It’s been relatively fast

Newly in love professional handball player Ola Hoftun Lillelien, 22, said he only received positive feedback after he emerged as gay last week.

HAPPY DAY: Ola Hoftun Lillelien has found happiness with her boyfriend Jonathan Høiland.

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– Was very happy with this year’s Easter bunny, so I kept him. Thank you Tinder wrote Lillelien in one Instagram post Saturday, where he posted several photos of himself and Jonathan Høiland.

To VG, drama player HK Lillelien confirmed that he and Høiland are a couple.

– We met in February, so it went relatively fast. But when you spend nearly every day together since February, you notice if something’s there, says Lillelien.

– He’s very considerate. He has been a huge support in recent days, along with family and friends of course. It’s great to have someone on the go, who takes care of you.

Lillelien stands out as gay in one Instagram post April 21, the same day as the 50th anniversary since homosexuality was decriminalized in Norway.

Handball professionals say the past week has been very busy, and that he and Høiland first became lovers through conversation earlier this week.

– There was very little time for us last week, and there was a lot to have a piece of Ola. Then we had a nice conversation about it, and I have a bad conscience. I bought a bouquet of roses as a thank you for the incredible support, and to show that I appreciate it, says Lillelien.

– Jonathan said that I must say that he is a very nice guy, he continued and laughed.

Then Lilleien spoke to VG last weekendhe said he only received positive feedback.

That’s still the case.

– It’s nice to get a lot of messages, which are exclusively positive, says Lillelien and continues:

– You don’t get free from the phone, and have to answer the same questions over and over again. You’re actually sharing something very personal, so in that sense it’s exhausting. “In any case, I’ve come off well with the support of Jonathan, friends and family,” Lillien said.

He spoke to VG on the phone before he boarded the flight to Stavanger, before the journey continued to Nye Loen and the return match against Nærb in the European Cup semi-finals.

HK Dramamen won the first match 30-27and bring a good starting point before the final tickets will be distributed in Jæren starting at 18:00 on Sunday.

– It’s sold out, so it might make a good cook. “I hope we win,” said Lillelien.

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