Jamina and Stian Blipp: – I’m so nauseous

Last week host and comedian Stian Blipp, 32, and his wife Jamina Blipp, 33, turned their eyes to more southern areas, along with their daughter Noelle, 3 and their five-month-old son, Bowie.

– We’re in a state of shock!

The holiday trip went to the Spanish island of Gran Canaria, and with them they also had former biathletes Emil Hegle Svendsen (36), Samantha Skogrand (32) and their children.

In Thursday’s podcast episode BabyBoom – Samantha and Jamina’s podcast – apparently the trip didn’t go as planned.

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When you’re first vacationing in a warmer area with sun and palm trees, there’s no doubt that the shape should be on top. This did not happen to the Blipp family.

Jamina and Samantha tell more about this in the podcast episode.

- I've become a grasshopper

– I’ve become a grasshopper

The former admitted that he was really looking forward to the trip, but it didn’t take long before the family really changed.

The family managed to stay on the island all day. They ate at the hotel and returned to their room in the evening, then everything was fine. But soon after, he felt that he was starting to have a stomach ache. It turned out that he had the disease.

– We have actually prepared for a cozy evening, and I don’t want to say anything and spoil the romantic atmosphere. But in the end I just have to say I was so nauseous and it felt like I had to throw up. We also only heard that it brought Noelle into the room at the same time, he said.

Therefore, he wants to sterilize himself

Therefore, he wants to sterilize himself

It turned out that the princess had fallen ill.

– Then it starts. I escaped with a stomach ache and nausea. When we finished, Bowie and Stian started. As we know, these guys are a little bit sicker, so he was really bad at that. But it stopped after twelve hours.

Jamina Blipp has so far not responded to Dagbladet’s questions.

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