”Jefa” launched, a community for women entrepreneurs and business women

That liaison Rommy Pichardo and digital strategist Clayra Morales launched Bossa community dedicated to women entrepreneurs, business women and employees who want to develop projects and work at the same time, live a balanced life.

At the launch, which was also her first networking event, the panelists were women entrepreneurs Linda Valette, Banco de Reservas executives and experts in finance and leadership; the chef gabriela lee, CEO of Dapur Bagus; la Dr Tania Medina, plastic Surgery; and communicator Maria Angelica Urenahosts Ni Locas ni Cuerdas and Que Chévere es Saber, who received plaques in recognition of their contribution to society.

Boss born of two women who decided to join forces to contribute through their own experiences as entrepreneurs. Through this platform, face-to-face and virtual events and training will be developed throughout the year, focusing on networking to provide growth opportunities for these women’s projects and promote women’s leadership and their businesses. levels that promote equity, sustainability and balance through transformational experiences.

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