Kenny Shiels – Slaughtered after playing

The criticism was leveled at Shiels after she shared her hypothesis at a news conference after Northern Ireland lost 5-0 to England in the women’s World Cup qualifier on Tuesday.

– If you follow the pattern on the women’s side, you see that a team quickly scores the second goal after the first. It happens across the spectrum of women’s football, and that’s because girls and women are more sensitive than men. They didn’t cope with the setbacks very well, said Shiels.

– Had a big fight with Gjert

This caused a sharp reaction, and the next day he apologized. It was posted on the website of the Football Association of Northern Ireland.

– I apologize for the offense caused by my comment. “I am proud to coach a group of players who are role models for many,” said Shiels.

NO ANSWER: Roma coach José Mourinho did not want to answer the Norwegian journalist’s question during a press conference before the meeting with Bod/Glimt in the Conference League quarter-finals.
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Northern Ireland are Norway’s first opponents at this summer’s European Championship finals in England.

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