Kentucky girl dresses up as Queen Elizabeth II and receives royal mail

Katelyn Jalayne Sutherland couldn’t believe it. When he checked his home mailbox on 27 December, he found a letter with the royal seal from Windsor Castle in England, the current residence of the British royal family and belonging to Queen Elizabeth II.

However, the letter was not addressed to Katelyn but to her daughter Jalayne, who is only two years old. A few weeks before receiving the letter, the minor’s parents decided to dress her as Queen Isabell II for Halloween celebrations in her home state of Kentucky.

Her outfit consists of a sky blue dress, matching hat and gloves, and costume jewelry and a gray handbag; Little Jalayne was also wearing white stockings and shoes, not to mention her grizzled wig. It is a faithful copy of Queen Elizabeth II’s dress and physical appearance.

The letter the family received was signed by the maid of honor, Mary Morrison, who stated: “His Majesty thinks it would be kind of you to write to him; the queen was delighted to see a portrait of her daughter, Jalayne, dressed in beautiful clothes. His Majesty wishes all of you a Merry Christmas.”

According to local media, Katelyn tried to explain to Jalayne the importance of Queen Elizabeth II’s letter, but given their young age, all the mother and daughter did was dance in the kitchen non-stop. According to Katelyn, when she saw the envelope in her letter, “I had to calm down and make sure not to tear the envelope.”

Jalayne’s photo was shared on Katelyn’s personal Facebook account and, so far, has over 1,300 “likes”, 266 comments and has been shared at least 188 times; However, the news has already circulated around the world and has gone viral.

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