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ETIAS stands for European Travel Authorization and Information System.


It European Union announced the launch of the long-awaited visa waiver system, ETIAS, which will be released in May 2023.

ETIAS (for its acronym in English) stands for European Travel Authorization and Information System.

The regulation was slated for late 2022, but due to the pandemic it has been delayed. However, the start date for the application has not been announced.

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While ETIAS is not the same as a visa — it’s faster, done online and doesn’t require biometric information — it still has procedures and costs, very similar to the US system, ESTA.

The only ones who are not allowed to process this permit are travelers from the EU and residents of the same EU. Everything else must process this permission.

The main reason for ETIAS travel authorization approval is security. With the risk increasing for travelers around the world, the EU wants to ensure a hassle-free journey within its countries.

which is relevant

-The move affects some 60 countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, which lost freedom of movement after Brexit.

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-The application process will be carried out through a “mostly automated computer system”.

-The fee is 7 euros (US$ 7.35) for those between 18 and 70 years old. It’s not yet clear if the others will lower rates or be able to request them for free.

-Approval will be given “in minutes”.

-The maximum time required for approval can be up to one month in “very exceptional cases”.

-Everyone whose application is rejected will have the right to appeal.

– The ETIAS authorization is valid for an unlimited number of entries for three years.

With information from CNN / EC-Europe

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