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Heidi Stumo, Sverre Brekne and boys Leo and Luis strike on the Costa Blanca in Spain.

ALICANTE/OSLO (VG) In Alicante there is a family of four from Hakadal who had vacationed at Villa Joyosa. The return flight was originally supposed to leave on Friday, but was cancelled.


When VG contacted the family, they had just arrived at the hotel in Alicante, after taking the train from Villa Joyosa.

Sverre Brekne tells of a very beautiful holiday that has been going well – until now.

– We originally had a flight home on Friday around half past nine in the evening, but of course it has been cancelled.

Big VG overview: This flight is canceled today and tomorrow

He says the family tries not to worry and hopes for the best. After receiving the message that the flight had been cancelled, one thing crossed Brekne’s mind.

– Now I need to cool off so I’m going to the pool with the boys, then we’ll see what we do. I know that I don’t want to stand in long telephone lines forever.

– It may be worse for those who don’t go on vacation once, or all the football teams who are stuck at home. In that sense, we were lucky, he said.

The family took everything in stride, as this was not the worst situation.

– But when you want to go home and have to finish something in the cabin, and when the wife has to go to work on Monday, it’s a bit awkward. The children also talked about how they were looking forward to coming home to play football.

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STUCK: It would be nice to see if the family made it home. – But it’s not the worst place to be stuck, said the father of the family.

Cannot find information

Brekne told VG that he hoped there would be more information from SAS before the cancellation took place.

He said it was difficult to know what to do, and that they had not received any information on what to do if the flight was cancelled.

– Did you reorder or wait? Can you get a refund and what happened to the hotel? They may be able to send an email with information on what to do, rather than waiting for the cancellation to occur, as is happening now.

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Brekne said that they had extended the hotel for one more night.

– SAS wrote in the message that they will rebook us, but we’ll see. I hope we don’t have to extend more than one more night.

– What does your son think about you not flying home tomorrow night?

– It’s a bit of a mixed bag. If it’s just an extra day, it might go well, but if it’s three, the kids might get mad.

– We’ll arrange it well, assa!

But the family refuses to let the canceled flight home spoil the end of the holiday.

– Bonus a few extra days off in Spain. We start work on Monday, but in the worst case, I guess I can work from here. We’re repairing some pools, we’re doing fine too, assa!

On Thursday evening, the family stated that they had been in contact with SAS, and were given a new flight home on Sunday at 12pm with Lufthansa.

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